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A New Chapter & Lots of “Adulting”

Dear Friend,

It has been exactly one week since I arrived home in California, and aside from the horrific jet lag that so often accompanies overseas travel, it’s been a very exciting first week! Now that I’m going to be settling into life in the United States again for a few years there were some very necessary things I had to get done pronto before I could truly take advantage of winter break and relaxation. Firstly, and most importantly, I became the proud owner of a Blue Shield, PPO medical insurance policy, and though it hurts my heart (and wallet) that good healthcare is so expensive in the states, I was very relieved when I applied and purchased the policy. When an ambulance ride here costs thousands of dollars, and a mere hour in urgent care can set you back thousands, it is really important to have good insurance!

Once the medical policy was attended to, it was time to gain independence through a brand new mode of transportation. I was most excited to go car shopping since I never had the experience during high school or college, and lord knows I wasn’t brave enough to drive in Israel! From the age of 16 I always drove either hand me down cars or shared with my sister, and I was elated to finally get a car to call my very own! Two years of working for PowToon helped me accomplish this goal, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to buy myself this gift! After doing plenty of research I narrowed my choices down to a Ford Focus or Hyundai Elantra, but was leaning more towards the Ford since I had driven it as a rental the last two times I was visiting California. When my chief negotiator (or mom as I like to call her) and I arrived at Palm Springs motors we had a very nice lady who let us test drive the cars we were interested in, and then we were brought in to another room to meet a manager. Knowing I still had to look at the Hyundai before I could make any informed decision, we were hoping to get some figures for a lease, check out the Hyundai and then have enough information to make our final decision. Well, mister Ford manager had other things in mind, unfortunately. After we were informed he wouldn’t run any numbers with us unless we committed to buying a car right then and there (I mean how insane is that), we decided it wasn’t even worth arguing with him, got up, and left to go to Hyundai. The customer service we experienced at Ford lost them a customer that day, but, as I like to say, everything happens for a reason.

Our experience at Hyundai was night and day different from what is was at Ford, we had the nicest salesman, test drove a gorgeous Elantra (partially loaded with sun roof, seat heaters, keyless entry and startup, and backup camera), ran the numbers, and then decided that this was the car! We signed the papers right then and there, got more features for almost $2,000 less than the quoted price at Ford, and left very happy customers. My mom is even thinking about switching to Hyundai when her Toyota lease is up! I named my new baby Sebastian, introduced him to Jasper and the rest of the family, and have been enjoying him ever since! I can’t wait until Stephane gets to meet and drive him as well!


Jaspy loves Sebastian!


My new toy!


Can’t beat the interior


After the car I had to take a bit of a break from the purchases to enjoy the start of Hanukkah! I was very sad to not be in Israel, and to be separated from Stephane, but it was so wonderful being home with family for the holidays! I even got to help my mom with one of her Temple Sinai Hanukkah functions at our local mall, where the community came together to enjoy the niceties of the holiday; namely Jewish songs and yummy latkes!

Getting all the kids on stage to sing songs!

Getting all the kids on stage to sing songs!

Hanukkah celebration!

Hanukkah celebration!

What Simcha!

What Simcha!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!


Now that the holiday is well under way I finally signed up for my gym membership, which is great because Hanukkah = lots of unnecessary eating! Hopefully now that I have my membership, and a list of amazing classes, I can get my recommended 30-60 minutes a day, which should help in my quest to lower my cholesterol!

Well that pretty much sums up my first week 🙂 Lots of exciting new purchases, and now I’m going to take time to really get the rest and relaxation under way! I think I’m off to a good start:

R&R with the babe!

R&R with the babe!

I miss you forever and always, friend, and I wish you were here every day.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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