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Another Kind of Adventure

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I said goodbye to my beloved Israel to venture back to the United States to start my life as a PhD candidate (and future senator :-p). I thought I would be more sad… I thought I would be more emotional in general…I thought I would get on that plane and think to myself, “how can I leave this country I love so much”. Yet despite the fact that I’m always sad to leave Israel, the excitement of this next chapter proved strong enough to mask, or even suppress, any negative feelings I might have had about leaving. Sometimes it is just the “right time” to move onwards and upwards, and that can be just as exciting as uprooting your life to live in a foreign country on the other side of this crazy world!

The night of my flight was cold and rainy, and at around 10pm Stephane and I packed up the car and headed to the airport. Apparently he really wanted to spend a little extra time with me because we missed the exit to the airport and found ourselves on a windy deserted highway road that took us about 20 kilometres out of our way! When we finally got to the airport I was happy for the extra half an hour we got to spend together in the car. Though I wasn’t sad to leave Israel I was overwhelmed to, once again, be separated from Stephane for a few months. Thankfully by February he will join me in California and we will have the world at our fingertips and forever ahead of us! I never like to leave him, but I know our separation was the right thing seeing as he has this amazing job where he is gaining the most incredible experience working with patients, diagnosing rare disorders, and completely revolutionising optometry in Israel. To leave that for a few months of boredom in California didn’t make sense, so we will let our hearts grow fonder due to absence and then reunite to start the beginning of the rest of our lives!

Our not goodbye but see you real soon picture!

Our not goodbye but see you real soon picture!

The flight itself was long (15.5 hours), but a good dose of Xanax allowed me to sleep for 7 hours of it, which I much appreciated! When I finally landed in California and saw my mom I was overwhelmed with excitement. In her true Jewish motherly fashion she had the car stocked with yummy food and drinks, and after a good bit to eat we were on our way back home to my beautiful desert. I was especially excited because I knew what was waiting for me once I got home. My Jasper, who I rescued in Israel and brought to California when I knew I would be relocating has been enjoying a wonderful extended vacation with his grandma, and I was so ready to be back home with my baby I could hardly keep still in my seat. When we arrived home my mom opened the door while I waited outside by the car where Jasper couldn’t see me. I merely called out his name and the rest was history. His mommy was home and between the two of us I’m not sure who was crying more or more excited. You can see the pure happiness of our reunion in the video my mommy captured:

Once I got settled in at home, and after a nice long hot shower, I took Jasper in the car, went to visit my grandmother at her new health care residence, and then blissfully enjoyed a nice, relaxing, laundry filled afternoon and evening! My Bubby even surprised me and came over for a quick visit which was so wonderful! Before jet lag completely knocked me out I was able to go over and see my dad and step family, and then I came home and it was right to bed for me! Jet lag completely kicked my butt, but the fact that I had Jasper snuggles all night made it all worth it! Plus waking up at 2am meant that it was only noon in Israel so I was able to talk to Stephane for a little bit until I was ready to try that whole sleep thing again!

Well that’s all for now! I will update you again soon. I love you and miss you everyday Friend, and wish you were home with all of us too.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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