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Back and Forth Again

Dear Friend,

After a whirlwind last few weeks in America I finally made it back to Israel safe and sound. I can’t believe how fast my 9 weeks at home flew by. One second I was debarking from the plane at LAX and the next second I was back getting ready to board a return flight to Israel. To be honest I wasn’t excited to come back, but I knew I didn’t want the last two months I had in Israel before going home to be my last memories of my beautiful country. I needed to give myself one more chance to fall in love with the Holy Land again without the pressures and influences of people who took away my joy here. Plus I had a beautiful Frenchman waiting for me when I arrived which made my homecoming all the more special!

Saying goodbye to California

This goodbye wasn’t as bittersweet as others have been since Stephane and I are readying ourselves to move back tot he United States in just a few short months, but it is never easy to live my little one (even if it is only for a short while). Unfortunately putting him through multiple 15+ hour plane flights isn’t fair when we just keep going back and forth so he gets another extended vacation with his Mimi while mommy is gone. Thankfully the next time I’m home I’m back for a good long time!

My soul

My soul

My California baby

My California baby


Mommy snuggles

The goodbyes weren’t all sad. In fact, only a few days before I left we had some very good news in our family, and I discovered I was getting a new brother! My sister and her boyfriend Brian got engaged after a beautiful, romantic weekend near Santa Barbara. It was the perfect engagement, I was asked to be the Maid of Honor, and I know it will be a perfect wedding! If the ring is any indication of how much Brian loves my sister they are going to have a long happy life together 🙂

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The news from home wasn’t all wonderful either. My Muzzie fell very ill and has been in the hospital and rehab for the last few weeks. They don’t know when she will be strong enough to come home, but at 88 years old she is recovering very nicely, and we kept her good company!

11825973_10104483865195013_4783940305893098195_n 11822286_10104483865180043_4437681239892406092_n

Back to Israel

After what felt like a 20 hour flight I finally landed back in Israel. I made my way home, took a nice long shower, and was utterly spoiled by my loving Stephane. He cooked me dinner, gave me presents, helped me unpack, and was altogether perfect! It was a fabulous homecoming. The jet lag hasn’t been amazing but I was able to go back to work on Wednesday with no problem, and was able to attend a wedding with Stephane yesterday night. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be relaxing enough because I feel the time difference is about to catch up with me.

I miss you every second of every day, Friend, and will update you soon 🙂

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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