Finding The Joy In Nothing

Dear Friend,

Today was a blissfully wonderful Valentine’s Day; a blissful kind of wonderful that can only come from a crisp winter day after a big storm, with the sun shining bright, and a house full of a lot of love… O and a completed midterm and final in Cognitive Psychology and Psychopathology that went, if my feelings indicate reality, really, really well!

It wasn’t a day filled with grand gestures. There weren’t flowers and presents and cheesy Hallmark professions of love. It’s not us, and after all this time we don’t need it. There was studying, and cooking, and talking, and laughing, and doing everyday normal things, but doing them together. To change scenery a bit we decided to take a lovely afternoon stroll in sunshine that finally decided to make an appearance after days of cold, dreary wetness. Everything was so green and beautiful, families were out enjoying the beautiful weather, and I saw some of Jasper’s friends as we passed our neighborhood dog park. It made me sad that he wasn’t here with us, but, as Stephane likes to remind me, we will both be home with him very soon as we embark on our respective adventures to become doctors! As it stands I at least got to FaceTime my baby and give him some Valentine’s love over the phone! He is just the sweetest babe.

FaceTime with my fur baby!

FaceTime with my fur baby!

Someone was getting comfy while talking to mommy

Someone was getting comfy while talking to mommy


Stephane and I were going to go to one of our favorite restaurants for a Valentine’s dinner, but we were having so much fun just hanging out at home that we decided to stay in, make pancakes, and push going out until tomorrow when we wouldn’t have to fight off all of the Valentine crazed tourists for a table! Stephane, whose Frenchness makes him genetically predisposed to be amazing at pretty much everything, proved that his artistry definitely extends to pancakes as well as the millions of other things he is wonderful at!

I have my own personal French Chef!

I have my own personal French Chef!


It was a simple day, but it was one of the best Valentine’s days I have ever had. I always find it hard to believe how lucky I am, and everyday I try to express my thanks for the multitude of blessings in my life. I have found a partner who is truly my other half and there is no bigger blessing than that. No matter what is going on he makes every day special and wonderful. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen, and he puts thought into every move he makes, especially the moves to make me happy. Something as simple as preparing me a plate of fruit and chocolates after my exam today, and letting me eat them alone in our room with a good movie because he knows that’s how I like to unwind after an exam, meant more than a fancy dinner, or piece of jewelry. The space that we give each other enhances the closeness we share, and the way he understands me and accepts my quirky intricacies is the greatest gift of all.

10599419_10103468655463453_2909339435367583669_n 10519497_10103359450201673_3412433485091372106_n 10352029_10103684411017593_8780107995731867762_n 10258845_10103004140739683_2142595789112105251_n 1928393_10103339663933513_3503018922734591984_n

You would be so happy if you could see us now Friend, and you’d be so proud of the hard work we are putting in to achieve the hefty goals we have set for ourselves. But slowly, slowly everything is falling into place, and the most important thing is that we are having a blast every unsure step of the way. In the end the unknown and the adventure is the best part!

I love you forever and miss you more and more every day.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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