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A Thank You Letter To Antisemitism

How strange is it that I, as a Jew, American, and Israeli would thank antisemitism. It makes no sense! I might as well be thanking terrorism or Jihadism! But I have reasons, and very good ones at that, to say thank you to everyone in the world that continues Hitler’s legacy of racism, hate, destruction, and death.

Let’s, for the moment, overlook the fact that most of these anti-Israel/antisemitic people, people who draw swastikas on Jewish fraternity houses, people who deface synagogues and attack Jews on their way home from prayer, and people who spread the hateful ideologies that Hitler used to plunge the world into a world war, would have probably themselves been killed by Hitler and the Nazi regime. May I remind everyone that while 6,000,000 Jews perished in the Holocaust, so also did 5,000,000 Homosexuals, Blacks, Gypsies, Slavic people, Non-Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians, Communists, and the mentally ill and disabled. So while you hold your signs saying “Hitler was right”, “too bad Hitler didn’t finish what he started”, and so on, please remember that you look like a complete idiot who Hitler would have been all too happy to kill as well. At this point you are not just antisemitic… You are anti human.

But making yourselves look like fools is not why I thank you. I thank you because with every Hitler praising sign that you hold, with every swastika you draw, and for every Jew you harass, attack, or kill, you strengthen us. You strengthen our right to exist, and exist in peace, in a homeland away from your antisemitic terror. “Get out of Europe and America” you say, and then you protest when we migrate to our ancestral Holy Land to live in peace away from your attacks. You push us to Israel while you plunge Europe into ruin, yet you cry for the Palestinians who burn and piss on your flags when Islamic terror grips your countries and kills your countrymen.

“End Israeli apartheid” you cry, while many Muslims living in Israel wouldn’t trade their lives to live in a Palestinian state. They live freely in Israeli cities, they represent themselves in the Israeli parliament, they study in Israeli schools, they work in Israeli companies, and they vote in Israeli elections. So how is it apartheid? Did the definition change without informing logical, rational people? All you are doing is empowering terror which, in turn, only causes Israel to further strengthen herself militarily. Your involvement has done NOTHING to weaken Israel, but your pressure to boycott, divest, and sanction Israel has managed to lose thousands of Palestinians high paying jobs. Bravo! Google and Yahoo continue to invest in Israeli innovation, Israeli technology runs supreme, we are constantly growing and building, because of your pressure Jews are flocking to Israel’s shores bringing with them money, investments, ideas, and innovations, and all you’ve done is further pissed people off while leaving Palestinians jobless and unable to feed their families. VICTORY! Again you try to destroy us, and again you strengthen us. Thank you

Thank you for showing us we have no one to rely on but ourselves and each other. You have demonstrated to us that much of the world hates us yet we succeed in spite of your pitiful efforts to stop us. We make up less than 1% of the entire world yet we innovate and control almost every industry. “Those money hungry Jews” you say, while you sit on your backsides hoping for a handout because you are too lazy or lacking in brain power to positively contribute to the world. Keep saying it… It is only making us hungrier knowing we are on our own and our survival depends on our own strength and power. We don’t get handouts and it makes us stronger.

Keep focusing on us, a tiny people who want to live in peace in this world. Who only attack when we are attacked. Keep plunging Europe into deeper recessions as the Jews take their lives, businesses, and money to Israel to escape your attacks. It will only strengthen her and you will continue to lose.  Keep turning a blind eye to real suffering. To Syrians murdered in the hundreds of thousands, to Nigerians slaughtered for being Christian, to Pakistani school children who are butchered because their parents aren’t extremists, and to Syrian-Palestinians, Lebanese-Palestinians, and Jordanian Palestinians who’s families have never had any connection to Israeli or Palestinian lands, and who are kept in squalor in their own countries. Don’t give them a pinch of your time, because then you would be crying for an actual cause instead of a Palestinian occupation that sees West Bank residents living in better conditions than some Jews in Tel Aviv. I would know… I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I’ve gone to bars, and clubs, and parties in the heart of Ramallah. Keep talking about the Palestinians killed by the Israelis as Hamas and Islamic Jihad march them into war and use them as shields. For every Palestinian you can name who has been killed by an Israeli I can name three Israelis killed by Palestinian and Islamic terror. So please… Please keep your focus on us, because we will thank you for it and use it to do what we do best… Survive.



An American, Israeli, Jewish, Woman who is everyday empowered by her country and her people to make a positive difference in this world while simultaneously  SHUTTING YOU THE F*** DOWN!


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