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Eat…Sleep…Terrorist Attack… Repeat?

Dear Friend,

Such is life in Israel. Coming off of my euphoric two month vacation in California I almost forgot about the terrorist attacks, imminent threats and possibilities of war with both our Northern and Southern neighbors, struggling with hate, antisemitism and media bias, and so much more.

My yesterday morning bike ride to work was about as normal and as uneventful as you can possibly imagine. Sure I had to struggle with all of my might not to hit careless pedestrians that love to wander into the bike lanes yet who also love to yell at you when you exit the bike lanes to avoid them, and sure I had to pray to the heavenly power above that typical Israeli driving would spare me from harm every time I crossed the street, but aside from that it was a normal morning.

But it wasn’t a normal morning, at least not according to the standards of “normal” experienced by most people in the world who happen to live outside of Israel. Only mere meters from my bike route to work, and very close to my home, a 23 year old Palestinian terrorist illegally entered Israel, made his way to Tel Aviv, got on a crowded (and very popular) bus carrying school children, commuters, and the elderly, and stabbed 12 people (4 of whom were considered in critical condition). He then ran from the bus down a street I often frequent and continued to stab pedestrians before a police man shot him in the leg and apprehended him. In the video below a pedestrian captured the terrorist running away and stabbing a woman on the street.

They say he did this to get to paradise. Others say it was a response to Operation Protective Edge though he wasn’t a member of the affected population (he is from the West Bank and not Gaza). But whatever the reason, he brought terror to a city full of innocent people, and is being hailed a hero by Palestinians near and far.

I wish my normal reaction to this attack was one of utter shock and surprise… But it is neither shocking nor surprising what happened here, and the positive reactions to the attack of so many Palestinians, the sweethearts of the west, is even less surprising. Just like they burned the French flag on the temple mount (a holy place of worship) following the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher massacres, so they celebrate when any Israel is attacked and or killed.

A cartoon found on a Palestinian website praising the terror attack

A cartoon found on a Palestinian website praising the terror attack

The scene of the crime. On bus 40 attacked in Tel AViv

The scene of the crime. On bus 40 attacked in Tel AViv

A Palestinian cartoon glorifying the recent wave of stabbing attacks

A Palestinian cartoon glorifying the recent wave of stabbing attacks

A victim of the terror attack

A victim of the terror attack


But life goes on, and despite the wars and attacks Israel is still the safest place in the world for Jews who are being targeted, attacked, harassed, and killed all over Europe and the greater Western world. Where every day we face sentiments like this (ignore their horrible butchery (pun intended) of the English language):

Picture taken from an Anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Pakistan

Picture taken from an Anti-Charlie Hebdo rally in Pakistan

And have to do things to hide that we are Jewish for fear of persecution, we still continue to thrive wherever we are in the world. Maybe all of the Jews should leave France, or Britain, or Germany, and then the world can watch each of these once free blossoming beacons of the western world shrivel as they fall one by one to the fundamentalists who are currently running their show. They want us out of Europe… Ok… but guess where we will go? You want Israel destroyed yet you keep pushing more and more Jews to her shores. Jews who are, every day, changing the world through medical innovations, technological innovations, scientific discoveries and more. So keep pushing. It’s making us stronger. And then take a good, hard look at who you are pushing us for…

-1 aa-France-muslims-burning-french-flag sharia-law1

I miss you every second of every day friend, and wish you were here now more than ever.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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