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The Ultimate American Thanksgiving…Food & Football!

Dear Friend,

This wasn’t an easy Thanksgiving without you, but it was wonderful being home with the rest of the family for the first time in 4 years. I was starting to forget that in the good old U S of A there is actually a holiday feel around this time filled with lights, music, a heightened sense of family time, and all around good cheer. In Israel I was starting to get used to the Thanksgiving season being filled with trying to find other Anglo New Immigrants to do something with in an attempt to feel a bit of the holiday spirit that comes around once a year, but it was never the same as being home.

Thanksgiving Day

When I woke up Thursday morning the house smelled like the holidays! Not being a big turkey family we opted for 4 little Cornish hens which were cooking in the oven, cranberry spiced applesauce was brewing on the stove, the stuffing and sweet potato pies lined the counter tops, and the cinnamon pine cones we had purchased the day before filled the house with the most magical smell. After a leisurely morning of movie watching and family time we were ready for the Thanksgiving feast by around 4pm. Only an hour or so later we were so full we could all barely move and the rest of the night was spent watching movies and doing what we do best… Relaxing!

Jasper wanted a lazy Thanksgiving morning and wouldn't get out of bed!

Jasper wanted a lazy Thanksgiving morning and wouldn’t get out of bed!

Delicious Thanksgiving meal!

Delicious Thanksgiving meal!

It feels like the holidays!

It feels like the holidays!

Our little turkey substitutes

Our little turkey substitutes


Thanksgiving Day  Take 2

When you are the child of divorce you have to get creative when it comes to holiday time. For years we have done Thanksgiving day with my mom and her side of the family, and had a second Thanksgiving the next day with my dad and his side of the family. I guess that is one perk of a split home: TWO HOLIDAYS and double the yummy food! When we arrived at my dad’s newly remodeled, and very holiday decorated, home we had time to catch up with our step grandparents who were in town from Sweden, settled in, and then dug into the 22 pound turkey and fillings that my dad and step mom prepared! I was particularly fond of the stuffing, and sufficiently stuffed my face to the point of not being able to move (for a second day in a row). Luckily during every other non special day I tend to be sparse with my diet so I felt I could afford the two days of indulgence! It was a perfect second holiday!

Bubby and me!

Bubby and me!

The beautiful table settings

The beautiful table settings

The holiday spread

The holiday spread


What really makes the holiday season complete

FOOTBALL!!!!! For those of you who don’t know me I was raised in a football home with a football family, reared by a mother who is a bigger football fan than any man I have ever met. We are an Ohio State Buckeye family, and since I was a wee little babe I have been a HUGE fan! Obviously 🙂

I'm a cute little baby Buckeye

I’m a cute little baby Buckeye

Now the Saturday after Thanksgiving was a particularly special day for Ohio State fans and alumni (like my mom and uncle) because it was the biggest game of the year. The game where the Ohio State Buckeyes face their arch rivals the Michigan Wolverines in a face off between the biggest college rivalry in NCAA football. We were ready to go, decked out in our Scarlett and Gray, glued to our TV for a four hour showdown that we, of course, won. It was a sweet, sweet victory that ended the Thanksgiving season on a very high note. I then watched my own Alma mater, CAL Berkeley, play in a game that would determine bowl eligibility and was very sad that we couldn’t pull it off, but after winning only 1 game last season I was glad to see at least a slight improvement.


Mom and Elana are ready to go!


Jassy also had to show his support (even if it meant wearing a dress!) poor baby boy!

Jassy also had to show his support (even if it meant wearing a dress!) poor baby boy!

Yup... My mom put my dog in a dress

Yup… My mom put my dog in a dress


It was a perfect holiday, and I treasure the fact that I was able to be home for this one. The next few days were spent relaxing and digesting, and today has brought the first feel of winter. Everyone is starting to put of Christmas lights around the neighborhood, it is cloudy, cold, and rainy outside (something very rare for the desert), and I am curled up with newly purchased fuzzy slippers, a sleeping puppy in my lap, sipping on a Peppermint hot chocolate while watching a Law and Order SVU marathon on TV. I’d say it’s the perfect lazy day!

I miss you every second of every day, friend, and I love you more than words can express.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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