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Dogs & Shabbat Elevators Don’t Mix

Dear Friend,

The last we left off I had just finished a pretty intense 25 hour break from food, water, electricity, and all things remotely normal. I couldn’t even really read since all of my books are stored safely on my very electrical iPad! But I digress. The Sunday after Yom Kippur started a short week at work which led into the next of the Jewish High Holidays – Sukkot! Almost immediately after Yom Kippur groups of apartment residents began building various Sukkot (portable tent-like structures) outside of the building which really put us all in the holiday spirit, and then Wednesday night arrived bringing with it the holiday and a much needed and appreciated 4 day weekend!

Like any major holiday in Israel, most establishments are closed and most buildings have what is known as a Shabbat elevator; one (or two depending on how many religious people live in the building) elevator that stops at each floor, or every other floor as is the case with my building, allowing passengers to enter and exit without having to press any electrical buttons since lighting fire (or igniting electricity) is forbidden by Jewish law. Now, seeing as I live on the 14th floor of a 30 floor highrise building, the likelihood of the Shabbat elevator stopping at my floor the exact second my dog runs out of the house to wait for me to take him on his walk is highly unlikely. However, since I tend to be a statistical anomaly ALL OF THE TIME , the very minute I opened the door to take Jasper out for his walk, the Shabbat elevator arrived at floor 14… Of course…

Our walks usually go as such: I get Jasper all excited to go outside with the typical “Jassy, does someone want to go outside to make a pee pee”? I then open the door at which point he jets out of the house and usually waits for me by the elevators where I attach his leash as we wait for one to arrive. Well we didn’t have long to wait this time since one already happened to be at floor 14 waiting nice and open for Mr. Jasper, and since he knows to enter an elevator when it opens up he hopped right on in. Not knowing what was going on I took a second to lock the door before I heard the buzzing sound indicating that the Shabbat elevator was on our floor and ready to close. My biological mommy instincts set in and my heart barley had time to sink to my stomach before I was jetting off to the elevator.

I arrived just as the door was almost shut, and I managed to catch a glimpse of my rather confused looking puppy wondering why mommy was running around and not on the elevator with him. I tried to pry the door open but knew it probably wouldn’t work since the whole electrical system was on autopilot. Though I knew the elevator was only going down two floors, and I would be able to run the stairs to meet Jasper on the 12th floor, many dogs in the building have been lost and scared on these damn things, so I was not enjoying this experience AT ALL.

By some divine miracle, however, I must have messed something up with the system because as soon as the door completely shut I pressed the “down” button outside, and the Shabbat elevator miraculously opened with Jasper’s tail going a thousand wags per minute once he realized his mommy wasn’t abandoning him! It was certainly an exciting start to our walk that’s for sure! I took him for an extra long play at the park after that ordeal (I realize I’m being a bit dramatic and it wasn’t that serious of a crisis, but I’m sure any mom would feel some form of panic if this happened to their human baby, and since I Jasper is my fur baby I’m sure you can understand my anxiety)!

After our adventure Jasper was nice and ready for bed, and lucky for me he ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours that night!

It's almost bed time!

It’s almost bed time!

And he's out!

And he’s out!


He should get lost on the elevator more often! The rest of the long weekend was really quite wonderful and relaxing. I caught up on school work, went to my pool and gym, had the house to myself since I decided against going to Ashdod with the family (I really wanted some time alone), had a lot of sushi, and even made some leeway on a few of my shows!

This week again we have a short week followed by another string of holidays and another much appreciated 4 day weekend! Then I have two more full weeks of work followed by a two month vacation in beautiful, sunny California!

I miss you every second of every day, friend, and I love you more than words can express!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone



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