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Boycott NOW!

Dear Friend,

Though the battle with Hamas controlled Gaza seems to be winding down (for the moment), the greater war against terrorism and fundamentalist Islam has only just begun, and a consequence of this war has been a rebirth of Nazi ideologies and bitter antisemitism. My personal favorite is the BDS campaign, which I would like to rename the “stop enjoying every luxury you currently enjoy because in some way a Jew invented it, discovered it, produced it, or owns it”.

Let’s take a look at some things the boycott movement wants you to stop enjoying!

Boycott Israel!

Boycott Israel!

Hope you aren’t one of the many Americans that NEEDS their morning Starbucks everyday! The founders were Jews and are active Zionists. Fancy a nice, cold coke with your dinner? How about a Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Schweppes, or Sunkist? You do! O no, you have to boycott these companies too because they heavily support Israel and invest in Israeli companies that have revolutionized and changed the world! Bad Coke! You also must boycott the number 1 fast food chain in the entire universe! They are partners of the Jewish Federation and the Jewish United Fund. If they like Jews you should boycott them NOW! Say goodbye to Big Macs forever! You also have to boycott the largest food corporation in the world: Nestle. Why? They invested over $850 million dollars to own half of the Israeli food manufacturing giant, Osem. You are now obligated to double and triple check almost everything you put into your mouth because most likely it comes from a company that is Jewish owned, or a company that has invested in Israeli companies. Also, love chocolate? Well Max Brenner is now not an option for you. It’s an Israeli company.

BOYCOTT ISRAEL PRODUCTS | Boycott Israel Today 2014-08-16 10-36-38 2014-08-16 10-36-39Love makeup? Love almost EVERY Johnson and Johnson product every created (I mean they are so amazing), well sorry guys you have to boycott them! I hope the women who want to boycott Israel aren’t a huge fan of diamonds because Israel is the WORLD-LEADING net exporter of polished diamonds valued at nearly $20 billion dollars! In fact, 50% of the diamonds sold in the USA are crafted in Israel. I’d start selling your engagement rings ladies.

Teva is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, producing life saving medicines for a wide variety of illnesses. If you have one of these illnesses you now have to stop taking your medications until you can find an alternative that is not produced by Teva. Perhaps you can find a nice Chinese, Indian, or Mexican generic brand. You also can’t use the revolutionary new MRI machine that non-invasively removes tumors and cysts, because it was invented and developed in Israel, and it was just FDA approved. I really hope if you have tumors you are ok with invasive surgeries! Also that really cute little pill cam that you can swallow so doctors can see what is going on inside your stomach… YOU GUESS IT! Invented and produced in Israel. Can’t use those either.

As funny as this question might sound, do you wear underwear? Bras, panties, boxers, socks? Well guys I have really bad news for you. Delta Galil Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of lingerie, mens underwear, and socks, that are sold by Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Wilson and Converse, and more. I would also avoid Victoria Secret like a wildfire. It was founded by Jew/Zionist billionaire Les Wexner. Consequently you should also probably boycott all of the models that participate in the Victoria Secret campaigns.

Speaking of models and entertainers, the boycott movement also extends to this facet of life as well. Here we go. You can now no longer go to Disneyland or enjoy any movie created or produced by the Disney corporation. Despite the fact that Walt himself might have been an ardent antisemite, the Disney corporation is now owned by Robert Iger… A Jew. You can now give up every movie that helped to shape your childhood (or the childhood of your children). I also would like to remind all of the boycott participants that Hollywood is practically run by Jews and Israelis, and almost every major studio, and a majority of the talent, are Jews and supporters of Israel (i.e Steven Spielberg, Natalie Portman, and hundreds of others). You should just stop going to the movies all together because you are giving a lot of money to a lot of Jews who love Israel.

Love technology? Well I hope you don’t use Viber or Wix because they are both Israel companies. Also, have a PC? Use Windows operating systems? Oops! Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: “If you do the math, Microsoft is almost as much an Israeli company as it is an American company.” Intel? That’s Israeli. So now please stop using your computer. Also, I hope you don’t navigate with Waze, the company Google bought for $970 million dollars, because they are Israeli. And since Google invested almost a billion dollars in an Israeli company you should probably boycott Google too. O and forget USB drives. They are an Israeli invention and every one that is sold is money that comes back to Israel. Time for you to go back to floppy disks! And before you Pro Palestinians and BDS followers post all of your convictions on Facebook, you should probably know that Facebook was founded by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. You guessed it! A Jew and a supporter of Israel. And since Facebook bought the popular messaging system, Whatsapp, for over a billion dollars, you should probably stop using that too since it is owned by a Jew. I’d just throw away your computers and cell phones all together (Israelis invented cell phone technology), because by using them you support both Jews and Israel!


If you want to boycott Israel, I invite you to live naked under a rock consuming only food you, yourself, produce. Us pesky Jews and supporters of Israel have infiltrated every niche you can think of and nothing is safe!

It is so unfortunate that in today’s day and age these problems of antisemitism and hate are still burning bright, but, in reality, it is a fire that is simply fueling the passion and drive of almost every Israeli and Jew to continue changing the world. There will never be enough people boycotting these companies to make a difference, and every day a new Israeli company is born, a new invention is patented, a new medicine is discovered, and more. There is a reason Tel Aviv is the Startup capital of the world, and despite what BDS and their followers might think, the world will always need what is coming out of Israel.

But if people are really worried they can enjoy the life changing, revolutionary inventions and companies coming out of Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, the UAE, Turkey, Yemen, etc… O wait…

I miss you every second of every day friend, and I love you forever and always.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone.


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