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Go Back Where You Came From…

Dear Friend,

And so the war continues. I try to go about my daily life, but it is so much harder than one might think. I know so many people fighting this war both physically and psychologically, and you can tell it is taking a toll on everyone who lives here. If it isn’t the rockets and tunnels and Hamas infiltrations, it is the constant threats of terrorism from both Muslim Israelis and our neighbors in the West Bank. If it isn’t the fear of terrorism it is the uselessness of trying to educate people who are feeding into one of the Palestinians greatest weapons; PR and the Media. It’s becoming harder and harder to fight the war that is happening online, because while they have ambassadors all over the world posting pictures of dead Syrians and Iraqis, we are too busy actually fighting terrorism and the threat of extinction.

But the world can’t see that on Twitter. The world can’t see that, yes, an Israeli shell hit a UN school, but it hit that school targeting a rocket launching site that was directly behind it. The world can’t see that rockets have now been found in three UN schools making them viable military targets. The world can’t see that when told to evacuate Palestinians stay where they are and get caught in the crossfire. But the worst thing the world can’t see is that the majority of Israelis are heartsick that innocent people are dying on both sides. We don’t dance in the streets when a Palestinian dies, but we don’t call for the army to stop either because the second they do that is when more rockets come into Israel. That is when terrorists emerge from tunnels in Southern communities. That is when we are confined to our bomb shelters worrying about family and friends who might be caught outside during attacks. But world don’t insult us by thinking we don’t care that innocent people in Gaza are dying. We just know WHY they are dying, and for who they are dying, and we know that there isn’t much outside of what we are already doing to prevent these tragedies. And they are tragedies. Any loss of innocent life is no matter what race or religion you are. Unfortunately the Palestinians don’t feel the same way as they dance around in the streets celebrating every Jewish death.

Palestinian children celebrating the deal of Eyal, Gilad, & Naftali

Palestinian children celebrating the deal of Eyal, Gilad, & Naftali


There is no quiet here

Hamas Rocket in Ramat Gan

Hamas Rocket in Ramat Gan

This picture was taken after yesterday’s wave of attacks on the center. At around 5pm I was in the back of my office making my second coffee of the day (I haven’t been sleeping well), when I heard my boss yelling “where is Jordana there is a siren, we have to go!”  We made it into the stairway before hearing the 4 or 5 booms of rockets being exploded above our heads. This particular rocket fell in the vicinity of Stephane’s apartment in the neighboring city of Ramat Gan. Another rocket landed in the playground of a Ramat Gan school…

The bombardment of the South has continued to leave hundreds and thousands of Israelis practically glued to their bomb shelters or displaced in various other Israeli cities. Stephane’s mom and little brother finally decided to brave the fanatic antisemitism surging in France to get away from the war. Who wants their 11 year old child locked in a bomb shelter day and night when he should be enjoying his summer holiday. The rest of his family members are still in Ashdod and various other southern cities waiting out the war not far from the Gaza border, constant rocket bombardment, and the openings of Hamas terror tunnels…

The true war we are fighting


Terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Terrorist attack in Jerusalem


It was only a matter of time before the terrorist attacks started happening. I’m frankly surprised they didn’t come sooner to be totally honest. Today a Palestinian worker, who was manning a tractor near a construction site, targeted a bus in East Jerusalem, and all of the passengers waiting at the stop. The tractor flipped the bus and ran over pedestrians, killing one man, Avraham Wals (a 29 year old father of 5), and injuring about 7 others. The bus driver who was targeted was an Arab man. The driver of the tractor was shot dead by police who were near the scene, and almost immediately after the attack, Hamas started issuing their praises on their news and social media channels. A family friend of mine who is in Jerusalem was a mere 500 yards away from the attack site, and says she heard the tractor ram the bus

Chloe Gershenson 2014-08-04 22-08-56 2014-08-04 22-08-59 This is what a terrorist attack looks like…


Only an hour after this incident, a soldier was shot by a Palestinian on a motorcycle near the Mount Scopus campus of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I studied there 5 years ago. It was the place that began my love affair with East Jerusalem and the Israeli Arabs that lived there. Maybe one of those Arabs was the shooter on the motorcycle. There is no way to tell… The soldier is still in serious condition and has undergone two surgeries so far.

Shortly after both Jerusalem attacks a Palestinian from Hebron called police in Tel Aviv claiming to have bombs strapped to his body. He said he didn’t want to carry out the attack but just wanted to go home. The residents of the Old North neighborhoods were told to remain indoors as this was being investigated but until now the caller has not been found. The terror alert was recently lifted in Tel Aviv.

He says that he is carrying explosives and had planned to set off a bomb in the city, but immediately adds that he’d changed his mind. He commented that “I have a lot of paraphernalia on my body, and I don’t know what to do” and that all he wanted to do was go back home. He says his mother had urged him not to carry out the attack. When asked where he is located, the man responds, in Arabic, that he is not sure. He repeats that he cannot say where he is and finally hangs up several seconds later.


 Go back where you came from

During this war I have tried to do my best to monitor the online channels in the hopes of bringing education to those that clearly have no idea what they are talking about (though I’ve had to scale back due to a lack of time an energy to deal with complete morons), and through this job I have tasked myself with responding to one of the most popular comments I have seen in the recent weeks from Pro Palestinian supporters: We [the Jews and Israelis]  should all get out of “Palestine” and  “go back where we came from”. I always find this comment to be so interesting, and, in fact, I usually love responding to it because most times I don’t get much of an educated rebuttal (but that isn’t surprising when you see the kinds of people I’m trying to deal with).

Go back where you came from: Such a profound statement from people who know nothing. As the holiday of Tisha B’av is upon us, a holiday where we mourn the destruction of our beloved temple (built in 957 BCE and destroyed (for the first time) in 586 BCE by the Babylonians), I often find myself wondering how people can think the Jews have no claim to this land. Islam didn’t even become a religion until 610 AD!!!! And Jews were established and present in this region hundreds of years before the time of Christ (a Jew and Israeli (for all intents and purposes) himself).

I get the whole not wanting to use biblical evidence to make a point. So let’s instead disregard thousands of years of history, and just focus on the present time. If you look at the demographics of Israelis today, over 60%… Wait, I need to stress this… OVER HALF OF ALL ISRAELIS  originate from Muslim countries in the Middle East: Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Uzbekistan, and more). Go back where you came from. But wait? Jews were expelled from these countries, and the ones who remain live as second class citizens constantly under threat of persecution. Go back where you came from. Go back to countries who have, and continue to, ethnically cleanse lands of both Jews and Christians. Go back to countries who have kicked hundreds and thousands of Jews out of their ancestral homes leaving them homeless with no place to go. Until Israel. The only place in the world these Jews could come to and truly call home. The only place Stephane’s family could come when they had to leave Morocco and Tunisia. But we should go back there. to ISIS controlled Iraq, or to a civil war and brtual Assad regime in Syria. Maybe we should ask Hezbollah if we can return to Lebanon. Or maybe we should go to Egypt where they are killing Coptic Christians left and right (I hate to think what they would do to Egyptian Jews). Or how about Iran, a country whose doctrine includes wiping out both Israel and the United States. Their once thriving Jewish population is virtually nonexistent, and something tells me they don’t want us back.

You don’t want to talk about Arab Jews or Jews originating from Muslim countries. Ok, let’s talk about European Jews. Go back to where you came from. Go back to Russia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, where citizens and Muslim immigrants flood the streets yelling “death to Jews”, and “we will finish what Hitler started”. Go back to where you came from. Go back to countries where doctors refuse to help people in need simply because they are Jewish. Go back to where they post signs in cafes saying “Dogs welcomed but Zionists not allowed”. Go back to countries where the Muslim minorities are shouting “we will purge Europe of the Jews” on their quest to impose Sharia law in the west. Go back to where you came from. To places that will fall to radical Islam in the next 20 years if democratic, freedom seeking people don’t take a stand. To places that could very easily bring about a second Holocaust. Leave the lands your people have been in hundreds of years before Islam was born, and go back to countries where you will be discriminated against or worse. Europe, the Middle East, even America. There is no place to go back to.

But the people of Gaza and the West Bank, surrounded by some 30 odd Muslim ruled countries, they have no where to go…


Friend, I wish you were here. I miss you every day and long to tell you all about what is going on. You lived through the time of WWII and bitter antisemitism much like this, though I bet you could never imagine your granddaughter having to go through what the people of your generation went through. Watch over us and our heroes…

Baruch Dayan Ha’emet

10565043_10152280345647689_2638083795616944037_n I love you forever and always and miss you ever second of every day.

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone



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