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If Only It Were Just Rockets

 Dear Friend,

We were supposed to have a ceasefire for 24 hours; at least the Israelis agreed to it (again). For many reasons I was relieved, but mainly because I was struck with a stomach flu that took hold yesterday, and I was really terrified of being stuck in the bathroom during an attack… It’s really hard to try and plan life around indiscriminate rocket fire… For a few hours the ceasefire seemed to be holding. Then another hour… Then another hour. It wasn’t until a few thousand people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest the war that the rocket fire continued with a fresh barrage heading straight for the center. Needless to say the “pro-peace” rally had to be prematurely disbursed for safety reasons, and the protestors calling for and end to the Israeli response to rockets and tunnels were sent home early. Talk about the ultimate irony. Hamas and the UN asked for three separate ceasefires in the last 24 hours and Israel agreed to them all. Hamas broke them all after mere hours. The author of a “790Talk” article sums it up brilliantly when he states “There is nothing more to say, either about the brutality of Hamas or the idiocy of the Israeli far-left”

Anti Operation Protective Edge rally is broken up by Hamas rocket fire…

Anti Operation Protective Edge rally is broken up by Hamas rocket fire…

But the rockets don’t matter

Though the rockets are a threat to millions, we are lucky enough to have an amazing missile defense system with the Iron Dome. The real threats are the tunnels that soldiers on the ground are still finding leading right into various cities in Southern Israel. A combination of terrorist interrogation and evidence found in the tunnels lead the IDF to discover, and consequently foil, a plan to send upwards of 200 terrorists through these tunnels into the Southern communities they are connected to, for the purpose of carrying out a mass slaughter during the Jewish New Year in September. It was also discovered that the tunnels were to be used to launch a mass invasion into Israel by the hundreds, and to serve as Hamas’s hiding places within Gaza. The entrance to one such tunnel was found under the sink in a family home in the Gaza city of Shuja’iyya. Another house in a densely packed neighborhood in Gaza was found to be wired from frame to frame with highly explosive mines further ensuring that no Palestinian remaining in this area would have a chance at survival should the house be activated. A UN School was situated directly next to this house…This, my friends, is the reason civilian homes are a target.


Hamas tunnel found under sink in family home in Gaza

Hamas tunnel found under sink in family home in Gaza

Egypt is also joining in the fight against Hamas’s tunnels. In the last few days alone they have destroyed over 13 tunnels used to smuggle weapons and resources into Gaza from Egypt. They have also killed multiple terrorists trying to launch attacks against both Israel and Egypt from the Sinai peninsula. An enemy of an enemy is a friend in my book, although instead of destroying the tunnels I shamefully admit I wish they took the approach they adopted a few years ago when dealing with Hamas: 

Egypts Floods Smuggling Tunnels to Gaza With Sewage - 2014-07-27 22-38-51 2014-07-27 22-38-53

They will try to kill us any way they can 

A major bombing attempt was foiled near Jerusalem today when a Palestinian man from the West Bank tried to cross the checkpoint into Israel with a car wired to the brim with explosive devises hooked up to a gas balloon. He was headed straight for the holy city. 

Palestinian terrorist arrested trying to attack Jerusalem

Palestinian terrorist arrested trying to attack Jerusalem


We are better than this

There is so much anger here, but no matter what someone might be feeling, baseless aggression and violence is never the answer. This is what “they” do… Not us. But unfortunately, just like them, we have our crazies too, who feel they can do whatever they want with other peoples lives. Two Palestinian men were attacked and beaten by a group of Jewish men in Jerusalem today, and I was extremely saddened when I woke up to this news. It is such a shame that because of this whole situation so many feel that all Palestinians are bad people, despite the fact that we have been living peacefully with them within the borders of Israel for many years. If anything should come from this it should be a reaffirmation of our desire for peace, and of our humanity, in the face of unimaginable fear and struggle. I pray these men recover quickly. 

Two Palestinians attack inside Jerusalem

Two Palestinians attack inside Jerusalem


But the one thing to remember is that the people who did this will be pursued and caught, just like the murderers of Muhammad Abu Khdier were caught. The trial for the murderers begins today, and there is general consensus of relief throughout the country that justice is being taken. I can’t say the same for the murderers of Gilad, Naftali, and Eyal. Those cold blooded killers are neither being pursued nor brought to justice. This again highlights the differences between our society and theirs; a society that glorifies death and destruction vs. a society that glorifies life and the democratic principles of justice. 

Around the world 

In other news John Kerry dramatically set back a ceasefire deal, and single handedly pissed off the Israelis, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and pretty much everyone else against Hamas when he sat with Qatari and Turkish leaders and drafted a ceasefire proposal that almost exactly mirrored the proposal set forth by Hamas weeks ago. At least the Israelis and Palestinians agree on one thing: John Kerry is a complete moron who is one of the worst Secretaries of State that the USA has ever seen, and once again Obama and his cabinet prove they can do very little right when it comes to their foreign policy. 

Palestinian Authority blasts Kerry for 'appeasing' Qatar, Turkey at Ramallah's expense | JPost | Israel News 2014-07-27 21-57-51 2014-07-27 21-58-06


In Somalia the Islamic Jihadi terror group “Al-Shabab”, pioneers of child soldiers in Africa, has called for all Muslims to rise up and avenge their “Muslim brothers” in Gaza by attacking Jews and their property worldwide. Such a peaceful people! 

In India the Indian Mujahideen recently sent a letter to the head of police in Mumbai stating that they are about to carry out a major attack to avenge their brethren in Gaza. They said it will be much like the terror attack they successfully pulled off in 2008 killing hundreds of people. Maybe if they pull it off the world will start seeing that we are dealing with a deadly plague known as fanatic Islam, and no country is safe from the threat of Islamic terrorism. Lets face facts, every major terrorist attack in the last 10+ years has been carried out by the hands of Islamic terrorists. 

February 26, 1993: World Trade Center is bombed

October 12, 2000: USS Cole attacked in the Yemeni port of Aden 

September 11, 2001: Al-Qaeda hijacks planes that crash into the world trade center and pentagon 

August 5, 2003: Marriott hotel bombing in Indonesia 

March 11, 2004: Madrid train bombings 

September 9, 2004: Astralian Embassy is bombed in Indonesia 

July 7, 2005: Multiple suicide bombings in the London underground 

July 23, 2005: Suicide bombing in the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh 

September 13, 2008: Islamic terrorist bomb Delhi, India

November 26, 2008: Muslim extremists kill over 150 people in coordinated attacks in Mumbai, India

December 10, 2010: Bombing in Stockholm Sweden 

April 15, 2013: Boston Marathon bombing

September 21, 2013: Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi

Not to mention the thousands killed by islamic militants in Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen, and more. 

Still think this isn’t a global problem? I only hope it is a problem that is eradicated before another 9/11 happens, or worse which is very possible should Iran be able to develop nuclear weapons. 

It’s a scary world we live in friend, and I so terribly wish you were here to walk me through it all. Keep watching over us all. I love you forever and always. 

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone



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