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American/Jewish Middle Eastern Style Singer?? Video, Photo Shoot, & Surprise Movie!

Dear Friend,

The pictures from my music project photo shoot are FINALLY ready! I wish you were here to see them in person but I have to think that you are up there looking! I also made a photo music video of the live recording of my next song! My producer has been a bit MIA, but there are plenty of people in Israel who I can turn to to record this so I’m not too concerned! I’m hoping this will be a great first song to launch my Kickstarter campaign, but if I can manage to find a great writer for an original song in the next month or so I will go that route! My dreams of being the first American/Ashkenaz Arabic/Mizrahi singer will not go un-lived ;-)!

Picture Video!


Photo Shoot








IMG_9943 IMG_9946









The independent, student film that I had the pleasure of being in is up and ready for viewing! It was such a fun experience to make this movie and I’m very proud of the hard work that went into it! Enjoy!



I miss you more and more everyday, friend, and I love you always and forever!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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