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Glorious Messiness

Dear Friend,

Life is such a crazy game we play, but the surprises and unpredictability make it fascinatingly exciting, albeit quite stressful! Since returning from Paris, my life has been a whirlwind of new chapters, old chapters, and current chapters, all merged together in this kind of craziness that has made each day pass by in what feels like mere seconds. 

From new professional possibilities on the horizon, to the continuation of my education, to a very big move that could be happening mere months from now, I have plenty of glorious messiness occupying ever facet of my mind.
I keep hearing my dad’s voice in my head saying, “welcome to adulthood big girl”… That stage in life where you call your own shots, and your successes and failures are no one else’s credit but your own. It’s a terrifying burden to bear to be solely responsible for a life, even if that life is your own, but I think, so far, I’m doing ok!


The good news!

I’m not tooting my own horn here, but I have always been a good worker; a driven, hard working, and loyal employee. Despite knowing this I never really gave myself much credit until something quite phenomenal happened at my current company, PowToon. With a rigorous graduate program about to begin, and a few other companies rigorously recruiting me to build their content and social media departments, I decided that it might be time to leave PowToon, explore my other options, and really focus on school. Though I have worked and studied simultaneously since I was in high school, with a PhD on the line, I didn’t want to take the chance of detracting focus from my studies. I finally made up my mind to send in my two weeks notice, and the next thing that happened shocked me to the core.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the startup world it is normal for people to filter in and out more often than in the corporate world. Whether employees of startups start their own companies, or are recruited to other companies, there is a pretty high turnover rate. In my company alone there has been a wave of old workers moving on and new workers coming in, so naturally I figured that I would give my letter of resignation, find someone great to replace me, get a pat on the shoulder from the owners, and then be on my way. I was wrong to think I wouldn’t be missed. The next day I saw this on Facebook with over 500 comments from our valued users explaining how important it was that I stick with PowToon at least for a little while longer!

I couldn’t believe how valued I was at PowToon (I really had NO idea), and to see the appreciation and lengths that the owners went through to keep me around made me feel so completely incredible. They even offered me a promotion within the marketing department that has, so far, allowed me to really apply what I studied in cognitive sciences to helping the company grow! I know you would be so proud of me, friend, and I’m going to do all that I can to take this next year to help this company in any way that I can. It will be a great learning experience as well, and I can’t wait to gain knowledge from some of the best minds in the business industry. It will undoubtedly help me with my own future entrepreneurial endeavors.


Way Out West!

Now to the important stuff! After much discussion Stephane and I have made a very big life decision that we are so excited about. First of all both he and I want to take our education as far as it can go; for me that means a PhD in clinical neuropsychology, and for Stephane that means an OD in his field of Optometry. Unfortunately Israel does not offer a doctorate in Optometry, so we have decided to leave Israel for a few years, and start our lives together in the United States! Now I know you might be surprised about our plans to leave, but I have to mention that this move isn’t permanent. We both have very specific goals that we want to achieve for ourselves individually, and for ourselves as a family unit, and once those goals are achieved we will be returning to Israel (or Paris if I can convince him!). It’s going to be a wonderful new chapter, and we are both so excited! We still have over a year until we move so nothing is happening tomorrow, but I couldn’t end this post without telling you that our plan is officially in the works! I know a certain mommy who is very, very happy 🙂 Now all we have to do is figure out the best time to get married and we will be all set!

Well I think that is all the news I have for now! I have two weddings, a bar mitzvah, and some holidays coming up so there will be more frequent posts in the next few weeks! And just because he’s soooo cute, here is a picture of your great grand puppy who won’t stop growing!


I love you more than I can express and miss you always and forever!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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