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An American Girl In Paris: Shopping Has A Nice “RING” To It!

The Gallery Lafayette

The Gallery Lafayette


Dear Friend,

After a very fun filled start to Passover, it was time to go back into Paris to do a little (well a lot) of shopping! Today was the day Stephane planned to take me to the famous Gallery Lafayette, where every girls’ dreams can come true! Right smack in the middle of Paris is a mall so beautiful it’s hard to imagine anything more grand! Housed in this mall is every designer imaginable, and whether you are looking for clothes, or bags, or kitchenware, or even food, you can find it here! Our first stop was, of course, the big clothing designers! I so desperately wanted to buy a nice scarf from Burberry, or a bag from Louis Vuitton, but I think I’ll try to buy one of them when I am outside of Paris proper because I can’t truly justify spending 500+ Euro at the moment. I think you can probably imagine me doing better things with part of the inheritance you left me! But nonetheless it was fun to look and dream!

My love!

My love!


The Gallery Lafayette

The Gallery Lafayette

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After we had thoroughly browsed the merchandise housed in each of my favorite designer’s stores, and after we had witnessed the thousands of Chinese business owners and their families who were in each store throwing down thousands and thousands of Euro on whatever their hearts desired (I’m not going to lie I was super envious), it was time to move on and see all of the FOOD! You won’t believe how amazing the displays of food were, and how equally depressed I was that it is Passover and I could enjoy almost none of it… Bad planning on our part! Each display was a work of art, from the colorful, fun macaroons, to the baskets of bread, to the slabs of meat scattered around the store. Each item looked more delicious than the first, and it took a whole lot of will power not to break tradition and eat all of what was in front of me! Thankfully (note the sarcasm) I had Stephane keeping me in line! The desserts were especially out in full force with Easter right around the corner! Passover please end soon!!!!!!


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I was so jealous I couldn't eat too!

I was so jealous I couldn’t eat too!


When I could take no more of looking at all the foods I wasn’t allowed to eat, it was time to move on. We spent some time going into various housing good stores, some fun trinket shops, and then we ran into a group of Israelis who told us we had to go to the top floor and see the view from the “panoramic terrace” as it is called. I’m certainly glad we took their advice and went because it was a gorgeous, sunny day, and from the terrace you could see all of Paris from the Eiffel Tower on one side, to the Notre Dame on the other. It was stunning!

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After we satisfied my incessant need to take pictures, it was getting close to the time we needed to start thinking about heading home. However, there was one more stop we had to make. Stephane, noticing my giddy glee every time we passed any big name jewelry designer, suggested we go to my favorite (Tiffany’s of course), and try on some of the engagement rings!!!! It’s no secret we are going to get married one of these days, so the fact that he has a vested interest in picking out a ring I love was music to my ears (although judging by the first ring he got me he doesn’t need my help)! We got to the Tiffany’s counter, I found my favorite ring of the bunch, we found the nicest man to help us, and then we spent about an hour trying on rings with bands, and different sizes, and so on. I was actually surprised at Stephane’s enthusiasm. We finally picket the perfect style, and found a beautiful ring! Though this particular ring is out of our budget, I don’t think it will be very hard to find one similar for a more reasonable price, but from this point Stephane is all on his own ;-). I’m just happy he went to pick some out with me without force or hyperventilation 😉

I was a happy, happy lady!!!!

I was a happy, happy lady!!!!


1.5 carat diamond Tiffany diamond... UMMM YES PLEASE!

1.5 carat diamond Tiffany diamond… UMMM YES PLEASE!


After such extensive ring shopping 🙂 we were both pretty exhausted and ready to make our way back to the subway. However, I couldn’t leave without a few pictures and a big Starbucks! It gave us a chance to sit down for a bit before leaving! Finally we found our way back to the metro, headed back to Livry-Gargan, and had a nice relaxing rest of the night. The next day we were going back into Paris for a big theatrical experience, so we wanted to be well rested!

I love you more than words can express and miss you every second of every day!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone



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