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Massages And Happy Endings!

For those of you whose minds undoubetely went there, I regret to inform you that this is not about a “happy ending massage”… I mean really!

Dear Friend,

Every once in a while you just need a day of pampering! I had a huge, exciting, busy day on Friday with the recording, and I was very thankful that I booked Stephane’s Valentine’s Day Surpirse of breakfast, couples massages, and spa day for the next at the gorgeous Crown Royal Plaza Hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv!

Crown Royal Tel Aviv
Unfortunately the day didn’t start out as relaxing as I would have hoped. Per the instructions given to me when I booked the spa day, Stephane and I arrived at 11 am sharp to have our breakfast buffet before our massages at 1. Well, that was all fine and dandy but when we approached the receptionists at the spa to check in they said that breakfast ended at 10am because it was Shabbat… EXCUSE ME?!?!? The man I booked the appointment with was fully aware we were booking our spa day on Shabbat, and specifically instructed us to arrive at 11 for breakfast. The worst part about it all was that I paid for the most expensive package to be sure that breakfast was included… The fact that Stephane and I made sure not to eat a bite before arriving only made the situation worse because we were both starving! It was not the happiest of ways to start our day of pampering.
The receptionists said the only thing they could do was offer us a cheese platter with two glasses of wine, but that still wasn’t what we paid for. After trying to negotiate at least getting some of our money back (which did not go over well), we decided to at least give the platter a try. When we settled down a bit we went up to the lobby area and awaited our meal.

The Anti Friar

When we got up to the dining area we were given what, I assume, to be the cheese platter. It consisted of about 6 small pieces of cheeses, a whole lot of lettuce, and some tomato slices… After seeing this rather pathetic display, Stephane had hit his boiling point, and his “Anti Friar-ness” appeared!
Before I continue let me try my best to explain the hebrew word Friar. The closest translation in English would probably be “a sucker”, but I don’t feel that the word does justice to the Hebrew. It basically is someone who gets walked on or taken advantage of either knowingly or unknowlingly. Luckily for me I’m literally dating the anti Friar who wasn’t going to rest until this situation was ameliorated to his liking. I, myself, probably would have just taken the cheese platter and bit my tongue, but the more time I spend with Stephane the less I’m able to just sit back and take it, especially when I feel taken advantage of.
Stephane went and finally found a hotel manager (after taking some time to track down an actual authority figure), exchanged some rather charged words (though quite politely in my opinion), and demanded some type of compensation. After all, we did pay quite a bit extra for a breakfast we never received. Finally, after about 20 minutes of back and forth between the spa and the managerial staff, we were offered gorgeous breakfast sandwiches, and we felt that it was fairly reasonable compensation. At least we would be getting some type of meal… I was just so glad they were tasty or Stephane might have had a stroke!


Let the fun begin

Once we had full bellies, and the trauma from breakfast was over and done with, we were able to really start enjoying the day. We wrapped up our extra food, headed to the spa, changed into our heated robes, and awaited our first couples massage! The facility was beautiful and we were so ready to spend an hour doing nothing apart from relaxing and being pampered. After about 10 minutes of waiting Stephane and I were brought into a dark room with two beds where we readied ourselves for the massage.

may spa 2
The hour spent on the table was so wonderful and relaxing, but I think Stephane’s massage therapist, a very, very strong Russian lady, got a little to into it with him. There were times I would hear her say “Ok now I’m going to hurt you”, or “are you ready, this is going to hurt a bit”, and after the massage Stephane looked more terrified than relaxed! Regardless, however, he enjoyed the experience very much.
Afer the massage we took advantage of the fascilities for a while (pool, spa, etc.), and then we headed back home. I had a baby to look after, and I wanted to get home to see him! When I got home he looked pretty relaxed himself!

Sleeping baby!
All in all it was a really great couples day, and a great break from the stress of the week. We were both able to recharge our batteries a bit, which gave us a little extra pep the next day when we started the work week again! O and I forgot to show you the best picture! Jassy’s mommy Stephy brought over Jasper’s brother, Kesem, and in a rare moment of magic the three dogs were all getting along with one another! It was a miracle! This is what happens when I’m in charge of the canines 🙂

A truly magical moment
Other than that I should be getting my song soon (I’m so nervous and excited), I’m auditioning for a student film tomorrow, and then looking forward to a nice, quite, sushi filled, rainy weekend!

I love you forever and always!

Until we meet again ❤

Jordana Simone


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