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A Tourist In My Own Home


Dear Friend,

I was starting to get restless. You know me, constantly needing adventure, or atleast some kind of disruption in the monotony that life can sometimes have. My new found daily routine of wake up, work, go home, eat, and sleep, was starting to drag me down, and I really needed a bit of a break.
Having the fortune to live in a country roughly the size of New Jersy, short travel trips are not an issue, so I emailed our family in the North, packed a bag, grabbed the boy, and escaped from Tel Aviv. If I didn’t get out  when I did I might have done something drastic like quit my job, take some of your inheritance money, and move to another foreign country for a few months. I’m not kidding I was actually starting to research “study programs in Arab countries”… I really, really needed a little get away.
Friday morning Stephane and I woke up, dressed, and boarded an early train headed up North towards the city of Akko. From Akko we then boarded a shared taxi and finished our journey in the beautiful Northern city of Karmiel. When we arrived, Michaela (who I now call my Israeli grandmother) was waiting to collect us to bring us to her beautiful home, the house you used to live in when you were in Israel, and the minute I stepped through the door I thought only about you.
After we settled in we were immediately given a feast of breads, cheeses, olives, and salads, with the strict knowledge that this was just the pre meal before dinner, and then, when we were filled to the brim, we all went our separate ways for a few hours to rest before Shabbat. My food coma greatly appreciated the few hours to nap between our late lunch and dinner.
At 7:00 pm sharp dinner was served, and though I was still recovering from the first meal, I couldn’t pass up the amazing food that lined the table. It was a feast, and helped break Stephane’s image that all Ashkenazim eat small meals consisting mainly of gefilte fish :-). We dined on chicken, rice, potatos, cousous,  dumplings, fried meat appetizers, and more, and after we couldn’t eat another bite, dessert was served! We had ice cream, and tea, and coffee, and cake, and strudle, and I was damn near about to explode, but everything was just so delicious! After dinner, and a quick Rozenblatt family history lesson given to us by Michaela’s husband, Menachem, it was time to skype with bubby, watch a bit of TV, and then head to bed. It was really great that Bubby got to see everone, and of course we all talked about you.
The next day Stephane and I took our time waking up, had a lovely breakfast, and then were given a tour of some sites that would make any tourist envious!


This specific trip Stephane and I were introduced to some fabulous Christain and Catholic sites that I had no idea existed in the North of Israel. As funny as it sounds the thought of my friend Stephanie kept creeping into my head, and I constantly imaged what her reaction would be like in some of these places. She is one of my dearest friends, and though she observes Christianity and I observe Judaism, our faith in God (among other things) has given us an unbreakable bond.
While we were in Tabgha we stopped at the Church of the first feeding of the multitude. It was a gorgeous site and I’m so happy I was able to visit.

Capharnaum: The town of Jesus

The next stop on our tour was a very quaint little town that housed some fascinating ruins. We didn’t have a great deal of time to spend here, and I must confess I don’t know much about the history of the place, but I gather that it holds a great deal of holy significance for Christians because many of the tourist I saw congregating around the ruins were crying. Despite the lack of religious connection to the area, it was still a wonderful place to visit.

The Golan Heights

The last leg of our tour took us through the gorgeous Golan Heights. Our day was quickly winding to a close but we still had time to visit one of the most famous breweries in Israel, saw a great little interactive imax movie and presentation about the Golan region, and then had a decadent lunch at the brew house! It was the perfect way to end a fun filled, rather exhausting weekend!

Going Home

After a jam packed day we headed back into Karmiel, stopped at the home of some dear family friends, and then headed to the train station in Akko where we caught our ride back to Tel Aviv. It was such a wonderful get away, but there is nothing like coming home. I have a very active love-hate relationship with Tel Aviv, but truth be told, there is no place I’d rather come home to! I love my crazy, wild, loud, extremely overpriced city!

That’s all for now! I miss you every second of every day

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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