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Weddingtine’s Day!

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Dear Friend,

This past week was filled with a lot of love, which gave grief a nice vacation for a few days. I’m not saying that I’m sad all of the time, but your passing is still so fresh in my mind, and a little love went a long way.

It started with a wedding

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the Hallmark Holiday of Love than with a wedding. It’s very appropriate in my opinion! Thursday, February 13th, the Co-Owner of my company, who is also one of my wonderful bosses, exchanged vows and married his beautiful bride Oksana. It was a lovely ceremony held in an old Jaffa venue right on the water, where family, friends, and co workers gathered for a night of celebrating.

I can’t tell you how fun it was to see my whole company enjoying together outside of work. It reminded me of the many fun events and occasions I experienced with my previous company, and that was something I very much missed. What was even better is that Stephane was there to enjoy the wedding with me, and I could finally show him off to everyone I work with. Naturally he was a huge hit, but we all know that most people who meet Stephane know instantly how special he is! We had the best time, and I’m just counting down the days until someone else at PowToon gets married so we can do it all again! I will say this though, now that I have seen both Ashkenaz and Sephardic Israeli weddings, I’m very glad I will be having the latter!

Stephane enjoying all of the food!!

Stephane enjoying all of the food!!

the beautiful venue

the beautiful venue

We are a goofy pair!

We are a goofy pair!




party time!

party time!


Valentine’s Day

Since Stephane spent almost every second of February either studying for finals, working, or volunteering, we came to the decision that Valentine’s day would be my responsibility this year. With all of the phenomenal surprises Stephane has planned for me in the past, this was no small challenge, and I knew I had a big task ahead of me!

Luckily, however, both of us agreed we would rather do something intimate at home as opposed to going out, which took off the pressure of planning a “date”, so now I just had to plan a surprise, pick a meal that would impress, cook said meal, and hope he liked whatever I threw together. Not a daunting task at all! Luckily I have both a pizza place and sushi place on speed dial so worst case scenario I would have ordered one of those and played it off as my own ;-)!

Knowing Stephane’s love for cheese, I decided to try a home cocked, three cheese, macaroni casserole recipe. I went out early in the morning to the market, bought enough cheese to feed a third world country, picked up an extra little surprise for Stephane, came home, and then set to work.

I spent the first few hours simply grating all the pounds of cheese that I purchased, and thought of how you would spend hours in the kitchen fixating on little things such as dicing and chopping. It brought a big smile to my face to know that I was following in your footsteps even if I wasn’t trying to do so! Once all of the tedious work was out of the way I set up the casserole so that I would only need to stick it in the oven before Stephane arrived, and then set to cleaning the apartment, setting up little decorations, and laying out the presents!

photo 3 copy

The Arrival(s)

The first arrival of the day was, interestingly enough, not Stephane. My other love (the 4 legged one) was dropped off a few hours before Stephane was due, and I was basking in the glory of being able to spend Valentine’s day with both of my favorites! Though Jasper was more of a distraction then a motivating factor, I was still able to get everything I needed done, and I even had time to spare to cuddle with my bubba!

My snuggle bug!

My snuggle bug!

Finally it was time for Stephane to arrive, and he found his first surprise before he even walked into the door. This little guy was waiting outside the door for him, and it set a great tone for the rest of the evening. After the grand reveal of the dinner menu, to which Stephane expressed his excitement (huge relief), I put on the finishing touches, and then we all sat down to dinner. Jasper even got some extra treats this meal (not surprising)!


After dinner I had to run to put some things away in my room before revealing my BIG Valentine’s day surprise, and when I entered my room I was hit with a surprise of my own. My whole room was decorated with candy and hearts, and in the middle of it all was a teddy bear holding a bar of chocolate saying “I Love You”. It was so unexpected and sweet, and even though Valentine’s day was my job Stephane still showed me he never has too little time to do something special for me. He is so special.

Vday closeup

vday surprise

After I recovered from the shock of my own surprise I revealed my big present for him! A couples massage at an exclusive, high end spa in Neve Tsedek! He has been working so hard the last few months, and he didn’t receive one grade lower than a 90% this semester, so he really deserved something big. The look on his face told me I lived up to the hype of the day, and once all of the gift exchanging was over we ended the night with dessert and a movie in bed. It was the perfect Stephane and Jordana kind of date! Jasper even got some daddy Stephane cuddle time in too!

Jassy and daddy steph

This weekend we are going to Karmiel to see the family up North, and I know everyone will be remembering you while we are there. I will be sure to give a full report when I return home!

I love you every second of every day

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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