To Travel Is To Take A Journey Into Yourself

Title is a quote by Danny Kaye

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Dear Friend,

It has been almost 3 weeks since you have passed away, and little else occupies my mind. Thankfully I’m busy enough to distract myself during the day, but when night arrives, and I am left alone with my thoughts, they continue to wander to you. I’m sure this is normal…

I talked to Bubby on Skype the other day after she spent her first night alone in your house, and I can only imagine how hard that was for her. After 60+ years of having a constant companion, it must have seemed so lonely with you gone. I wish I could have been home to help, but I’m happy to say that we are continuing our almost daily Skype meetings, which I hope will suffice until I am home next November. I remember your request to continue my life in Israel and not come home, and I am honoring that to the best of my ability.

When Bubby and I were having our Skype date, however,  we wandered to a subject that reminded me of the last time we talked face to face… I remember the conversation so vividly. It was the day Stephane and I were leaving California after our wonderful month long visit, you took me into a secluded room, and you told me that you thought this would be the last time we were going to see each other in person. My stomach hit the floor when you uttered those words, but you didn’t give me more than a second to dwell on them. You told me you had something very important to tell me, and I pulled myself together long enough to listen.

You told me that you and Bubby left me an inheritance, and upon your passing a portion of it would come to me. You then gave me very specific instructions that have stuck with me ever since. You told me that you didn’t care what I did with this money, I could buy a car, rent a completely overpriced apartment, eat sushi every day for a year, whatever, but anything I spent it on had to be something that would make me happy. You told me that this money is not to go towards loans, debt, or anything other than what I truly want. I nodded in understanding, gave you a final hug and kiss goodbye, and that was the last time I saw you in person.

I haven’t forgotten your instructions, and though I don’t know what I will do with all of the money (I’m sure I will save or invest some),  I do know how much you loved hearing about my adventures, so it seems only appropriate to use some of your gift to help me see the world!

For a few days now I have been thinking about where I will go, and I think I have narrowed it down to a really great final list of places! Now the infinitely harder tasks of choosing between them lies ahead!


Being fully knowledgable of my Arabic obsession I tried to find a place in the Middle East to travel to that wouldn’t give any of my remaining family members a heart attack. Lebanon and Egypt were on the original list, but with the unstable situation in each country I thought it would be better to wait on those two 🙂 I have always wanted to see the beautiful cities of Fez, Casablanca, Merrakesh, and ride camels through the Moroccan Sahara, and this might be the perfect time to do it!






How long have I wanted to explore the history that dwells in this beautiful country. To be able to explore the ancient ruins in Athens, and then take a trip to the gorgeous islands of Santorini, Mykanos, Rhodes, and more, would be a dream come true. What a shame to miss this considering that it is only 3 hours away from where I live now!





Sub Saharan Africa

What an adventure it would be to see the great deserts of Africa. To go on a safari and see a part of the world that only exists to me on the National Geographic channel would be an experience like no other. I don’t know who I could get to go with me on this one but there are so many great organized safaris that I’m sure I would be fine traveling alone in a group! It could be wild (pun intended)!


tanzania safari


wildebeest migration in masai mara, kenya2011


This is the only place in Europe I have ever truly needed to visit. If I don’t’ get to spain, or England, or Germany, it’s ok, but Italy I need to see.I don’t know if it’s the history, or the food, the culture, or the gorgeous landscapes, but something about the country draws me in. Rome, Venice, and Florence are calling my name!

View of Florence, Italy




Now the hard part is setting a budget and seeing how many of these places I can realistically pull off visiting! I know you are not here to give me advice but I’m hoping anyone else who reads this might have some words of wisdom or suggestions for me! (Comments are encouraged!)

I miss you every second of every day and I love you more than words can express

Until we meet again ❤

Jordana Simone


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