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12/11/13 or as they say in Israel 11/12/13 (which is much more fun)!

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Welcome to PowToon

Now where did I leave off?? O right, I just had yet another amazing Thanksgiving here in Israel where I spent a wonderful, food filled, evening with friends and family (at this point Stephane is my family so no use calling him “friend” anymore), and received the news that I had been hired for a job that I was very interested in! As you may, or may not, know, I accepted the job after a bit of salary negotiations, and since then I have primarily kept myself busy settling into my new role as PowToon’s Community/Social Media Manager! Sounds fancy doesn’t it ;-). It’s a really wonderful position, in an even better company, and I couldn’t be happier to do my part to help the company grow and prosper. I won’t spend too much time talking about the specifics of the company outside of the fact that it’s a marvelous software that allows you to create short, animated videos for the purposes of marketing, advertising, education, and personal uses. I’ve been able to play around with it at work and it is so much fun to use! If you want to learn more about PowToon check out our PowToon website or visit our Facebook Page!

Once I got the job it was time to begin the apartment hunt since my lease is quickly approaching its expiration date. As excited as I am at the prospect of finally having the experience of living on my own, I went to see some apartments that were BARELY in my price range, and I came home after and started crying… I wish I were kidding. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in Israel, and by the grace of God my landlord agreed to extend my lease with my roommate for another 3 months giving us a bit more time to save money in the hopes that we will be able to afford something halfway decent to live in… I’m also very sad to leave my building. I have been living in this building for over 2 years, and if feels as much as home to me as both of my houses in Palm Springs. Unfortunately to live alone in a small apartment here is financially unrealistic for a 25 year old just out of school, so I will have to get used to the idea that come April this place will no longer be home, which wouldn’t be as heartbreaking if I could find any decent alternative… This is one of those times I really wished I were independently wealthy (or stupid with money because if I was willing to blow 75-80% of my paycheck on rent I would stay here)… I mean do I REALLY need food?? KIDDING (I can see my parents and grandparents fainting right now wondering if I’m actually kidding).

Anyways, ranting aside, my wonderful landlord gave me the gift of a few more months in luxury so I have pushed the apartment hunt out of my mind for the time being. Plus, this is hardly the season to go around the city apartment shopping. This is the coldest weather I have ever experienced in any place that I have lived, and between the rain and the wind, I certainly want to minimize my time traveling around. In conclusion, I get to tough out the winter season in my beautiful luxury apartment (with good central heating), and then once Spring arrives I’ll reevaluate my situation.

On there personal home front, however, things couldn’t be better. Stephane and I celebrated our “unofficial” 2 year anniversary yesterday (2 years since our first kiss, which led to us dating a mere few days after), and things between us are euphoric. I keep waiting for our “honeymoon” phase to end, but it just keeps hanging on! I guess that is what happens when you find someone you are truly compatible with. In fact, aside from the fact that he doesn’t want a dog (which I keep working on), I can’t find much wrong with him. He is in his last year of Optometry school so he is very busy with clinics, but he only lives about 5 minutes away from me so I still get to see him quite a bit considering I work 45 hours a week and he studies almost as much if not more. He has found time, however, to take on a new project entitled “let’s make Jordana a famous Arabic, Middle Eastern singer”, and he is always finding new reality shows that he wants me to try out for, and giving me ideas for self promotion. He will be a good agent or manager one day, but the best part is that he really believes in my talent, and wants to see me try and do something with it. He is the most encouraging person in the world and I can’t imagine starting this journey without him, because it is something I have always wanted to at least try.

My partner in crime

My partner in crime

photo 207792_10101763399614843_2094634497_n

Well that’s the news for today! Now that I have a much more set routine I can get back to a more normal routine on the blog!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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