11/1/13: In The Eye Of The Storm


I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation in California. I was surrounded by family, familiarity, and I had the best part of Israel at home with me; my boyfriend Stephane. It was a month of pure perfection. Stephane and I had such a wonderful time that we had serious reservations about returning to Israel; life was just so comfortable and easy at home. To be honest, this was the first time I wasn’t “on the edge of my seat” excited to return to the Holy Land, and it was a very strange feeling considering how much I love it here. I was sure that upon returning home things would change, and my excitement would return, but something really felt a bit off. In the two and half years I have been living here I have never missed home, but suddenly homesickness was upon me. Luckily two days after my arrival Jasper would be coming home, and I was sure that would help.

When I saw Jasper I couldn’t believe how much he had grown in the short month I had been gone. I left him a puppy of 1 pound and got back a 5 or 6 pound little man! He brought so much joy back to me, and I was so excited to be back with my baby… And then work started again. After a few more days off to adjust to the time difference it was back to working a 40+ hour work week. I was so excited to get back to work but then the sadness returned. I would be at work just thinking about Jasper stuck in my tiny room, not able to walk around because there is another dog in the house who attacks him, and I just sank into this sort of depressed numbness at the fact that I loved this little creature so much but felt he was in such a bad situation with me. I saved him when no one else would, gave him care and love, and now I just wanted him to have a good life… But could I give it to him? It was a very hard couple of weeks, and then more bad news…

One morning I went to work and authorities of the Israeli tax bureau came to my office where they instructed my co worker and me to turn off our phones, take photo copies of our ID’s, and meet with the big bosses in the next office. We learned that our company was under investigation due to the dealings of some of our owners, the authorities seized our computers, records, and pretty much everything they could get their hands on, and from that moment we were closed for business. There were a few days where we thought maybe everything would be fine and the investigation would be quick, but after a week it was pretty clear that we weren’t going to hear good news. As I feared, our company, a place that became a second home for me, a place where I had a comfortable job with people I absolutely loved, was closing for the foreseeable future. I would receive one more pay checks plus compensation for abrupt termination, but my wonderful, comfortable situation was coming to an end. The worst part about it all was the fact that I wouldn’t be working with the profoundly talented people that I had the pleasure of meeting through this job.

Despite being utterly heartbroken about my job, I actually started feeling that old passion again. It was like a light switch turned on, and suddenly I had the whole world at my feet again. I enjoyed all the time I had with Jasper, feverishly started applying for jobs appropriate to my skills and level, and started falling in love with life in Israel again. Stephane moved into a new apartment just a 10 minute walk away from me, which has allowed me to see him almost every day (a great change from when he was living in Ashdod), and life started looking up again.

However, there was still the situation with Jasper that was weighing heavily on me. The time I have had off of work has been most wonderful for time with him, but I will soon be going back to work where I will have a schedule of 45+ hours a week, and in the next few months I will be starting to study again. Being out of the apartment all day with a young puppy who is locked in a room that is barely big enough for me is not the kind of life I want for my perfect baby. After a lot of soul searching I tried to find the best solution for everyone that would allow Jasper to have a great life, but still remain in my life. My salvation came to me in the form of my roommates sister, Stephanie. Stephanie and her husband adopted a dog about 6 months ago and he has been quite a handful for them. For a while they have wanted to have a second dog around to keep their bundle of energy company but they haven’t found the right fit. They brought Kesem, their dog, over one night to meet Jasper, and he and my baby were instantly in love; they were acting just like brothers, and it helps that they are similar breeds and energy levels. I mean just look at the ears in this picture!!!

Jasper, Kesem, and Roee

Jasper, Kesem, and Roee

Stephanie and her husband Roee asked to take Jasper for a few days to see how the dogs would do together in their environment, and the two of them were wonderful. Jasper was never alone, and Kesem had an outlet for all of his energy! Needless to say both dogs slept very well those few days. After that Stephanie and Roee decided that they would love to help me out with Jasper and take him to stay with them at least for the near future. I will get to see him whenever I want, will be the one to take him on weekends or holidays when they go out of town or have obligations that wouldn’t accommodate two dogs, and Jasper would be in a place he loves with two wonderful people and a big brother to play with all day and night. It was the hardest decision I have ever made, but knowing that this is the best thing for my baby, for right now, put my mind completely at ease. Stephane and I are so unstable now in the sense that we are both still in school and establishing our careers that we don’t have time to care for Jasper like he needs or deserves. He needs stimulation from other dogs, an environment where he isn’t locked up 12-13 hours a day, and now I am able to give him that. Nothing makes me happier. I will miss him so much, but I will see him all the time, and he will always be my baby. Fate brought him to me, and will keep him with me forever in one sense or the other.

Needless to say it has been a very emotional few weeks but soon everything will settle. I still love life here every second of every day, and am thankful for my abundance of blessing. It may seem a bit hopeless at times, but I have always been very well taken care of by the Man upstairs, and I know this is just a hurdle he has put in place to strengthen my endurance and character. LIfe is an adventure and I am just continuing to enjoy the heck out of it!

In other news I already have 1 job offer and am waiting to hear back from one more place that I am praying beyond praying offers me a position. Either way it will be back to work soon, then back to Ulpan to continue with my Hebrew, then back to school! Lots of exciting things to keep me busy including some very fun trips Stephane and I will hopefully be taking soon!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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