8/30/13: A Surprise Visit And An Impossible Situation


Palm Springs Street Fair

Because I live 8,000 miles away from all immediate family and friends, visitors are not something I am accustomed to, so naturally, when one of my best girlfriends from Berkeley told me she was coming to visit me for a day, I was over the moon ecstatic! It has been a whole year since I have seen Keri, but the moment we reunited it was like no time had passed; we picked right back up where we left off one year ago. Both of us were in the beginning stages of new relationships that are now very serious, we were in the middle of Masters programs that are now complete, and to see how far we have come in the year was such a wonderful part of our meeting. As is tradition with the two of us, and because Keri usually ends up coming to see me on a Thursday, we decided to frequent one of our favorite restaurants downtown (CPK… Yes I know that I have already been there 3 times!) and walk around the street fair. It wasn’t too hot outside since the flash floods are still upon us, but the humidity could have rivaled Tel Aviv which wasn’t the most fun. Dinner was particularly lovely because a waiter there remembered me, and how much I love ranch dressing, so he decided to bring me out a bucket (literally) to bring home… for free!! yay! I figure I won’t be getting star treatment once I have my boyfriend with me so I’ll try to go back at least one more time solo for some more free food!  I know that sounds awful but I really really really love ranch dressing, and I can’t get it in Israel, so why not stock up!

My free Ranch! Yay

My free Ranch! Yay

Walking around our street fair!

Walking around our street fair!

A visit from Keri!!!

A visit from Keri!!!

When we were done with dinner we put the leftovers in the car (the ranch stayed with me because I couldn’t chance it going bad), and began a lovely stroll around the fair. We talked, looked at all of the great booths and stands, I purchased a very necessary item of great importance, donated some money to the animal shelter of Palm Springs (I now have an extreme soft spot for dog rescue organizations), and then we made our way home for some dessert and a movie night with my mommy! Let me just say, you cant have a better movie night then on a 52 inch flat screen surrounded by family and friends! We decided on the all time classic “13 going on 30”, a perfect, light movie before bed (and one that my mom hadn’t seen yet), and then ended our night around 10:30 when jet lag had utterly consumed me.

IMG_3414 IMG_3415

Today when we woke up we made a very necessary Starbucks run, spent a bit of time by the pool before the big rain clouds rolled in, and then Keri was on her way back to San Diego, and I was off to pick up my beautiful new rental car! I have named here Minney 🙂 It is so nice to have my own set of wheels again. The freedom is wonderful, I go where I want when I want, and Ford doesn’t make a bad car at all. It is very cute, comfortable, and the gas mileage is outstanding.

Morning at the pool!

Morning at the pool!

My new digs for the next 14 days :-)

My new digs for the next 14 days 🙂

In other news, my baby Jasper has moved to his new home for the remainder of my trip home and he seems to be adjusting very well! There is another dog in the apartment, which is ideal, and Jasper has already found a way to steal everything and make the place his own! That’s my boy!

My sleepy boy resting up after his big move!

My sleepy boy resting up after his big move!

Japser stole the other baby's bed and toy! poor guy

Japser stole the other baby’s bed and toy! poor guy

Jassy's making himself at home!

Jassy’s making himself at home!

Poor little Shitzu has been displaced

Poor little Shitzu has been displaced

I wish everything was good in the dog department however. I’m having a very difficult time getting Stephane on board with me keeping the baby which is so heartbreaking. For whatever reason Stephane is so adamant about not having a dog until later on, and it seems like the more arguments and reason I throw at him the more he tries to combat them, making what should be a joyous experience for me as a new dog owner, a complete nightmare. Unfortunately much of these issues will have to be pushed aside so as to not ruin our California adventure, but I’m thrown between a rock and a hard place, and don’t know how to get out… I can’t chose between them, but it’s looking like unless I come up with something very creative I wont be able to keep both of them… ANY ADVICE READERS?!?!?!? This is very new territory for me, and I have no idea what to do! This is a very severe case of Dog Vs. Boyfriend, and unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t look at dogs as mere pets; they are family members which is making this all the more difficult… One way or the other it will work itself out, but the process may age me quite a bit… or kill me… I’m hoping not the latter.

Aside from that I am so excited for Stephane to arrive in California! I’m anxiously awaiting the big meeting between my family and him, I have so many fun things planned for the two of us, and I think that this is going to be a vacation to remember! Berkeley, San Francisco, Vegas, Disneyland, San Diego, Idyllwild, and the Tram are just a few of the many things we will be enjoying once he is here, and now I’m just counting down the seconds until Monday! Who knows, maybe by the end of the trip he will have a change of heart about Jasper! I doubt it but hey, here’s to wishful thinking!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


One thought on “8/30/13: A Surprise Visit And An Impossible Situation

  1. jordana,

    Life is TOO short to have an argument over a dog. There will be others and Stephane will adjust more easily. He’s being a very responsible person and knows that he has enough on his plate right now to take on dog ownership. Please understand his view. He’s been very understanding of you up til now. There will be other opportunities for cute dogs.

    Continue to enjoy the desert and time here.

    Shabbat Shalom

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