8/28/13: A Whole Lot Of Lazy


The whole Pepper clan! (yes, it’s an old photo)

These past few days since my last post have been some of the most unproductive, lazy, relaxing days I have spent in a very long time… And I have loved every second of it. Along with the fact that I still have lingering remnants of jet lag, I have a big few weeks coming up once Stephane arrives so the rest and relaxation is both welcome and necessary! So what exactly have I been doing you ask? Well let’s see: On Sunday I spent ALL day (beginning at 10am and finishing at 10pm)  with my dad sitting in his “man cave” watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was one of the best 12 hour periods of my life, though my step mom was a bit bored since she isn’t quite what you would call a LOTR fan. Luckily she found a good book so we were left in peace and quiet to venture to Middle Earth for an entire half of a day. Any 12 hour period where I can drool over Vigo Morttenson is just fine with me!


The next day I decided to spend a whole day catching up with my grandparents and eating some of my all time favorite foods: my grandfather’s tuna salad and, my personal favorite, Bacon Lettuce and Avocado sandwiches! One of the main reasons I came to the states 10 days before Stephane was to get all of my non kosher eating out of the way, since I made a promise to him that, out of respect, I wouldn’t eat any bacon or pork in his presence. I might slip up once or twice with a cheeseburger or the occasional shrimp dinner, but for the most part I will try to be good :-). After a full day with the grandparents I returned home, relaxed, watch some episodes of Ceasar Milan’s “The Dog Whisperer”, and then tried to get a decent night sleep.

Tuesday was an exceptionally fun day in the desert for no other reason than the flash floods arrived, and we had a rather out of the ordinary thunder storm. I usually always seem to be out of town when the big desert rains come so I was very happy to be home to enjoy it this time. Being a complete and utter desert rat, rain is definitely not my favorite thing, however, when it only happens once or twice a year, and you don’t have so much to do outside, it is quite welcome! In the morning I had a quick doctors appointment just to refill my prescriptions and make sure my health hadn’t changed too much while I was away, met my mom for some much needed shopping at Forever 21 (I forgot how fun it is to shop with my mom!), and then wen’t home to my dad’s to relax, do nothing, and enjoy the rain.

Tuesday was a wonderful day for a reason outside of the rainstorm. My friend Ana, the girl who is watching Jasper, the girl who I gave the option of adopting him, told me that she didn’t think she was the right mom for Jasper, and that she wouldn’t be taking him full time! I was so happy when I heard this that I started to cry. I never would have taken the option of adopting him away from her, but I secretly wished and wished that she wouldn’t keep him so that he could come home to me. She also didn’t think she had the time to watch him until I got home, so after frantic arrangement making (from 8,000 miles away mind you), I found him a new foster home with a wonderful girl from my work, my sister offered to help as well, and he will be coming home to me once I return home to Israel. Now I just have to get Stephane on board since he isn’t so thrilled about the idea of having a dog for good. Stephane is a bit scared of responsibility, but I figure after 3 weeks in California around my dog at home, and around my family, his tune will change a bit. Either way Jasper just won’t find a better home than with me, and I truly feel I was meant to be his mommy all along. He came to me for a reason, and I can’t give him away.

Other than that I have a good friend from San Diego coming to see me tomorrow, I pick up my new rental car on Friday, I have a friend’s wedding to go to on Sunday, and then my baby finally arrives first thing Monday morning! I’m counting the seconds until he is here. I have planned so many fun things for us, and I can’t wait to show him my home turf!

Stay tuned <3,

Jordana Simone


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