8/23/13: Day 1- Facing Mortality


Home Sweet Home

Day one of my vacation back home was quite eventful considering that my internal body clock is about as backwards and messed up as humanly possible. My body doesn’t know when it’s day, or night, and at around 5am I was wide awake and ready to start my day. Of course, this meant that by 10am I was ready to go back to sleep again. After eating a hearty meal of CPK leftovers, including practically drinking the ranch dressing that we bought from the restaurant (keep in mind that Ranch is possible one of my favorite things EVER, and they don’t have it in Israel…), I was off to see my dad and step mom for a few hours.

Hello Ranch Dressing!

Hello Ranch Dressing!

The best part about the morning was that I was able to drive! I can’t tell you how much I miss driving, and to be behind the wheel again was such a freeing, amazing feeling. I put on my favorite music, took the long route to my dad’s house, and had a very fantastic 20 minute ride! When I arrived home to my dad’s everything was just as  I remembered it. Lots of trinkets, decorations, gorgeous desert landscape, and, of course, a fantastic pool that I will take full advantage of! Especially in this 100+ degree heat!

Daddy's home

Daddy’s home

Seeing my dad and step mom was great, but before I could relax we had to take care of some rather humbling business. Ever since I was in high school my parents have had a life insurance policy on all of us children, however, once a child turns 25 the policy has to switch to an “adult” policy, or so that was how it was explained. The whole thing is a bit complicated. Anyways, after some paper work was filled out that whole process was complete outside of a physical that has to be performed by a doctor who will come to my house sometime in the next few weeks. Once that was taken care of my dad asked me a very interesting question; one that I had really not given much thought to. He told me quite frankly: “incase something, God forbid, happens to you, we need to know where you want to be buried”… HOLY CRAP. It’s a simple enough question but, at the same time, a very tough one to think about and answer.

The question was not, however, out of the blue. My step brother passed away 6 years ago forcing my family to deal with unexpected death, so being prepared for the unexpected is quite logical and responsible. We all think we will live forever but the reality is that no one every knows from one day to the next. For me the answer to his question, though hard to say, was obvious. I told my dad that my wish is to be buried in Israel. My heart and soul is connected to Israel in a way that is beyond explanation. It is my home, and my being is intertwined with the land that I live on to the point that eternal separation from my homeland isn’t even an option. My ultimate wish is to be laid to rest in Israel near to my family.

Once that was attended to I was very happy that my mom planned a day of pampering, because after that conversation I needed a bit of relaxation and fun to take my mind off of all things death related. I spent a bit more time with my dad and step mom, telling them all about Israel, the puppy, Stephane, planning some fun things we would do with Steph once he arrives in America,  and then I was off to the salon with my mom. After a wonderful pedicure/eyebrow waxing, I indulged in my first (of many) Starbucks of my trip home, and then we met with my mom’s best friend for a lovely seafood dinner at the fish market. I’m really trying to get all of my non kosher eating done before Stephane gets here since this trip is my farewell to traif (non kosher food). I must love him a great deal to give up bacon for him ;-).

After dinner it was back home to relax, watch a movie, play with my dog (which actually made me miss my puppy more), and try to recover a bit from my trip into the states. Jet lag is still killing me a bit but I’m going to try taking some melatonin to see if that helps. Apparently it is a godsend for jet lag. Tomorrow I will see my grandparents and take a trip up to Orange County to see my sister and one of my best friends, Blair! I’m very excited for the little day trip and, assuming I can stay awake, it should be a great time!

My beautiful brother, Ari!

My beautiful brother, Ari!

Stay tuned <3,

Jordana Simone


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