8/22/13: Tell The World That I’m Coming Home (Well To 1 Of My Homes)

Beautiful Palm Springs!

1 train, 2 planes, and 24 hours of rather hectic traveling, and I finally made it home safe and sound to beautiful Palm Springs! Like always it was very hard for me to leave Israel, but the fact that I haven’t been home to see my family in over a year made it bearable, and I was so excited to be returning for a visit to the states! The first flight from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia went by quickly enough despite the fact that I was sitting next to two screaming, kicking, awful children… Just my luck.  This made me a bit nervous seeing as I would be stuck next to them for 12 hours, however, thanks to my lovely friend Xanax, I slept for 10 of the 12 hours, and it made the flight a bit more tolerable :-). At around 3am (LA time) I arrived in Philadelphia, went through customs, got myself settled, and then boarded a flight an hour later for LA. When I arrived my mommy was ready and waiting for me with a car full of my favorite foods, and then we were on our way home! It was so amazing to see my mom after a year! I forgot how nice it is to have family close by.

I fully intend to make the most of this month at home, and it’s a very special trip for me because Stephane is coming to meet my family. In a short 10 days time he will be joining me in California where I will have the pleasure of introducing him to the most important people in my life, and showing him all of the important places of my childhood. This is something I have always wanted to share with him, but the 8,000 mile distance from where we live has made it hard until now! It will be a very fun filled month of holidays, family time, travel, and relaxation, and I hope to document everything I can assuming that I have a few spare seconds to breathe!

In other news my beautiful puppy Jasper is safe and sound with his Mommy Ana for the month that I am gone and words can’t express how much I miss him. I feel a pain of both sadness and happiness when I think of him, and I find my thoughts turning to him more often then not. I feel sadness because I am far from him, and I look at him as my own child who I love more than anything, and I feel happiness because I know he is in a good home with someone who will give him a lot of love and care. I told Ana in the beginning that I would give her the choice to adopt him since he was never supposed to be mine, and Stephane really doesn’t want a dog right now,  but a part of me is secretly hoping that she decides to return him home to me. Stephane would probably kill me but there is little that can describe the bond you feel when you save another being’s life, and care, nurture, and love it more than anything. When I told my mom that Stephane would probably be a bit upset if the baby came back to me, my mom told me that after she meets Stephane she will tell me which one I should dump :-), but I have a feeling Stephane would be ok with it in the end. I do miss that baby of mine more than I can express!

IMG_3340 IMG_3367

Well that’s all for now, stay tuned ever day or so for posts on all that is going on here in sunny California! I will have much to report in the next month!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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