8/3/13: Mommyhood Continues!


Baby Jassy!

It’s been a few weeks now since Jasper first came to stay with me, and though we thought he found a good home, it turns out the people who wanted to adopt him were completely unfit to take him. This left little Jas with two options: 1) he could come back and stay with me while a group effort was conducted to find him the best home possible, or 2) he could go to a shelter… As if there was even a question. In the long run remaining with me may not be the best for an active dog such as Jasper, however, at the present moment, no one is able to care for him or love his as well as I can, and it is even luckier that I have two roommates who are able to help when I am at work. Additionally, Jasper is only 2 months old which means 10-20 hours a day he spends sleeping, so the fact that I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, really has no negative effect on him whatsoever. I have a whole set up where he is able to have access to food, and a place to pee pee or poop when I am gone (should he need), and a feeding and play schedule that fits around any shift I could be working.

Because I don’t know how long the baby will be with me I have decided that I need to start training him. Even though he may only be with me a few weeks we need to co-habitate together in peace and harmony, and thus I have decided to start crate training him. Jasper has his own bed and own cage, filled with all the goodies a little baby puppy could want, and he knows that during bedtime he is not allowed on the bed. He loves his bed, and his cage, and as long as I warm up heating pads that he can lay on (he gets cold very easily), he usually sleeps through the night, waking up around 5-6 to go to the bathroom, and then back to sleep until 9 or 10.  I have really been lucky because Jasper is genuinely a wonderful, easy puppy. He eats when he is supposed to, he sleeps well, and he is full of love! The only thing I need to work on is training him to not bite people because he LOOOOOVES to chew on fingers and toes now that he is teething. This has proven to be a bit difficult but we are working on it!

He is the sweetest baby in the world and the fact that I am helping him prosper and grow makes me so happy. I know that one day he won’t be with me but as long as I know he is in a great home, I will let him go willingly and happy knowing he is in an environment that is better for him than what I can provide. With that being said, while he is with me he is my baby, plain and simple. My job is to protect him and nurture him and, above all, make sure he is safe and healthy. I have ZERO idea what I’m doing but it seems to be working out so far 🙂

Because Jasper is a part of my family at the moment, I couldn’t get away with not introducing him to my whole Israeli family, also know as “family Fitoussi”. Though Stephane is away in Greece, we all decided that this weekend would be a great time to take Jasper to Ashdod to see his mom and brother before they leave for France next week. They will be gone until I leave for California so this was the only time to make the trip seeing as I don’t know how long I will have Jas, and they leave in 3 days. I made sure to overly prepare for the trip so that there wouldn’t be any problems once we left my house. I bought a travel bag to house Jasper while en route to our destination, and Jen, my roommate, found him the PERFECT travel bed so that he could be comfortable when away from his cage.

Jasper's new bed!

Jasper’s new bed!

Before we left Jasper took one last nap with his new friend, I woke him up to do his business, packed him in his travel bag, and then we were off!

Japser loves Bun Bun! All he wants to do is snuggle :-)

Japser loves Bun Bun! All he wants to do is snuggle 🙂

The trip to Ashdod went so much easier than I thought it would. Once I put him in his travel bag, he would poke his head out occasionally to see what was going on, but most of the time he slept. I think he is a bit of an attention hog because when he knew people were around he always poked his head out to screams of “oh my God how cute is that dog”, “What kind of dog is that”, “where did you get that dog”, etc. Let’s be honest, he’s a babe magnet! Men, women, boys and girls of all ages think he’s the cutest thing in the world! After 30 minutes of explaining to people Jasper’s story, it was time to board the train. Aside from the fact that it was a bit cold on the train (good that I packed him a blanket in his bag), he pretty much slept the whole ride to Ashdod. When we arrived, Stephane’s mom picked us up, doted on the dog a bit, and then we were off to her home. Michael (Stephane’s little brother), was at the beach with a friend, and he had NO idea the dog was coming (it was to be a surprise), so when we arrived I had time to set up a safe space for Jasper. I made Stephane’s walk in closet Jasper’s new home, he LOVED it, I fed him, he did his business, and then I went to meet Gloria and Michael at the beach for a little while. When we returned home I told Michael to go into Stephane’s room, where he screamed with excitement when he saw the dog!

Jasper's home in Ashdod!

Jasper’s home in Ashdod!

The trip was really wonderful. Jasper was given so much love and attention which caused him to be so tired that he slept all through the night, and when he had to do a poop in the middle of the night he didn’t even wake me up. He jumped off his bed, did what he needed to do, hopped back into his bed, and slept through the remainder of the night! I was a proud foster mommy!

Today, our last day in Ashdod, was very relaxing. We all enjoyed a lovely breakfast and a movie, the puppy did what he does best and slept, and then by 2 it was time for us to head back to Tel Aviv. We caught a sherut, had a quick trip back, returned home, and within 30 seconds of me unpacking his bed, Jasper was out like a light. It was quite a success but I don’t think I’ll make it a habit of traveling with him. He is still so young and it is a lot for a baby to handle. He started coughing and sneezing again when we returned because I think his immune system couldn’t take all the stress. Anyways, he is home now, safe and sound, and he can just relax the next few weeks!

In other news work is great. Everyday I’m loving my new responsibilities more and more, however, I had to fire someone for the first time on Wednesday and that was very hard. But in the end it was what was best for the company and I had to suck it up and make it as professional as possible. Stephane is gone now for two weeks in Greece with some of his guy friends and I miss him so much. I see him all of the time but even when I am without him for one day I miss him terribly. I’m so happy for him, however, because he worked so hard on his exams and he deserves a lot of fun! And fun he shall be getting. Two weeks after he returns from Greece he will be on a plane to California to see me and my family!

That’s all for now! Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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