7/2/13: Timing Is Everything


אין כמו בבית

I’ve known for quite some time that I want my next big move in Israel to be to a home of my very own. I’ve never lived alone before and think it is a very necessary experience to have before I move in with my future “roommate for life” as I will call him :-). Once I was promoted to department manager in my company I knew that this dream of mine to live on my own would be attainable, however, a thing to note about me is that when I get an idea in my head, I tend to get a little over excited and start jumping into the building of the plan before I’ve really laid out the groundwork and foundation for it. I was promoted, the next week I told my roommates I would be leaving early to get a place on my own, and then the apartment hunt started. The thing is, however, something didn’t feel right…

Before I continue I have to preface the rest of my story by stating that I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and happens when it is meant to happen. This has been my life in Israel so far. Everything has been so smooth because I haven’t pushed the universe to bend to my will, but I have really let it guide me. I found my first apartment with the boys when it was a good time for me, and when I needed to find a new place, that led me to meeting Stephane who became my boyfriend because I didn’t push my relationship with him and let it happen naturally, then, when I needed to leave the apartment with the boys, a perfect situation just fell right into my lap, and I was able to move in to a gorgeous apartment with two wonderful roommates in my same building (that made moving VERY easy!). After that the universe brought me a wonderful job (I had already accepted another job and last minute one of the managers at my current company got ahold of my resume and hired me on the spot) that has taught me so much, and helped me to grow so much as a professional, and I have to admit that life has been really smooth for me here in Israel because I have let life take me where it wants to take me.

When I started looking for apartments, however, everything changed. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy, nothing I found was really any good, and when I thought I found something that might be suitable, I wanted to rush in and sign a contract without even taking a breath… But, for some divine and unknown reason, the big guy upstairs really doesn’t want me to screw anything up here, so he made it impossible for me to say yes, and to make a move before I was really ready. The lady who’s contract I would have taken over told me the wrong price for the rent by almost 100 dollars, the landlord did not seem like a nice man, and Stephane’s mom, after speaking with the landlord, strongly advised me not to take the apartment (thank God for her by they way!), and it was just all wrong. I was, of course, bitterly upset, because I had this idea of having “my” place already in my mind, plus I had already picked out great furniture for the apartment (very premature I know), but I felt relieved in a way when I said no. At this point I was so conflicted and confused that I needed to just take a walk and clear my head, and once I did that something magical happened.

As I was talking my walk I turned around and looked back at my building and realized something phenomenal. I have called the “Central Park Towers” my home for almost 2 years now, and when all is said and done I’m just not ready to leave “home”. This place has given me so much: my FIRST ever apartment was in this building, I met the love of my life in this building, and I really live in the lap of luxury here! I have two wonderful roommates who I absolutely love (and get along with fabulously which is not always the case with roommates), I have all of the comforts of an upper, middle class american home (washer, dryer, oven, stove, balcony with a view of Tel Aviv!! you know, the usual!) which is very rare in Israel, and who can forget the most important thing! I have a beautiful niece who would miss her aunty Jordana very much if she left too soon!

My beautiful niece BELLLLLLLA!!!!

My beautiful niece BELLLLLLLA!!!!

When I walk into my building people know me, the guards know me, the guards know Stephane. When I have to leave my keys for him they don’t even ask, they just tell me “O that means the boyfriend is coming” and everything is taken care of. I have a great life here, so why would I leave that before I have to. The lease is up here at the end of January anyways, so I will have to leave eventually, but while I have a good home here I can spend the extra few months enjoying a place that I love , saving money so that when I do have to leave I can afford a nice place that I can’t afford right now+ a few comfort items (washer, dryer, oven, etc) without having to go to my family to ask for money.

This wasn’t the right time for me to make this move, but what this experience did show me was that I really know how to listen to myself and not rush when I’m really not ready. I thought I could do it, I thought it was the right time, but “something” was holding me back, and that “something” allowed me to make, what I believe to be, a very wonderful, thoughtful, GOOD decision.  It was a rough week and half, and dealing with Israelis is no walk in the park, but when it’s the right time, I know I will find a great place that is perfect for me.

In other news I started my first shift as a department manager on Sunday and it has been PHENOMENAL!!! I love all of my new responsibilities, have really been working hard to think of creative ways to help the company become more efficient, profitable, and to help with her growth, drafted a department salary proposal, and have even started recruiting. It is so amazing the opportunities that this company has given me, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I have the chance to really show what I’m made of in the corporate world here in Israel. It will be a great 15 months of hard work before I go back to school (at which point I still hope to work in the company), and I’m so excited to see what this next 15 months will bring both financially and socially.

Summer has officially reached Israel so the next few weeks will be a lot of work and a LOT of beach! Stephane has now officially moved to Ashdod for the summer (very sad), but it is great that he will have some peace and quiet while he is studying for his finals. Just one more year until he is Dr. Fitoussi!!! I like to remind him from time to time that though he will become a Dr. first, I will still be the more desirable medical professional because he may be Dr. Fitoussi, but I’ll be DR. PEPPER!!! no competition 🙂

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


2 thoughts on “7/2/13: Timing Is Everything

  1. You always figured things out before it was too late. Congratulations on your ability to ‘take the time’ to just let the universe guide you. Love ya, your Drama Mama Mallett!

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