5/23/13: Just another…Circumcision… O wait…I mean promotion :-)


Well it has certainly been a most eventful week since I last updated the blog! I do apologize for the delay between posts, but that crazy thing called life seems to be getting in the way these days :-). Where to even begin… Probably one of the more interesting things to occur since we last met was yet ANOTHER Fitoussi/Assoulin family Bris (circumcision). When I first began dating Stephane his mom had warned me that in a family as big as hers there is a Bris, or a Bar Mitzvah, or a wedding almost bi monthly… and she wasn’t exaggerating… at all…

I was all too happy to take a day off of work to enjoy an entire day with the Fitoussi/Assoulin clan, because a day with them means REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD FOOD, and, of course, good company! One of Stephane’s cousins just had his 3rd child, and, right on schedule, 8 days after the birth, we all gathered around for that wonderful, yet slightly terrifying, ceremony of the circumcision. It is such a blessing to witness a new born baby being officially inducted into our tribe of Judaism, and the ceremonies really are hauntingly beautiful, but, I think especially because I am a female, it is very hard to see a little baby in pain. Anyways, outside of all of that, it was a wonderful event, with enough food to feed a few small countries. We had appetizers (humus, eggplant, cabbage, and every kind of salad you can imagine), followed by the choice between a small meat or fish dish, followed by couscous, followed by a choice between steak, tongue, or  pullet, followed by mini chocolate cakes for dessert… and free alcohol, of course! Too much food! We ate until we couldn’t move, enjoyed fantastic Sephardic music (compliments of Stephane’s cousins friends who are beautiful singers), and had a great time all around. I think everyone in Stephane’s family is now completely used to me being at every family event, and his grandparents never miss an opportunity to urge us to get married already! As Stephane’s grandmother likes to say, “next month a wedding”, followed by his grandfather’s comment of, “next month, why next month, next week a wedding”. According to them we should have been married moths ago!

My other half

My other half

My GORGEOUS Israeli family!

My GORGEOUS Israeli family!

My Israeli mommy!

My Israeli mommy!

When I can't have my own mommy Gloria is a perfect 2nd!

When I can’t have my own mommy Gloria is a perfect 2nd!

My lovey!

My lovey!

Lucky to have found my soul mate

Lucky to have found my soul mate

Perfect mommy and son!

Perfect mommy and son!

I almost don't look Ashkenaz here :-)

I almost don’t look Ashkenaz here 🙂

A few days after the Brit Milah (Circumcision) it was time for us to go out for a family dinner in honor of Stephane’s mom’s birthday. Stephane and his mom were so cute and waited until I had a night off of work to schedule it so that I could be apart of the celebrations. Two family friends from France joined in the festivities so I left the adults (including Stephane) to do what they wanted in French, and I spent the dinner entertaining the little brother who abandoned French for Hebrew so that I could at least participate with someone! I really have to work on the learning French thing already. As far as languages are concerned, however,  I have decided that starting with our adventure to America in 3 months, I will begin to transition to speaking with Stephane primarily in Hebrew. It will be very hard since both of us are SOOOOO much more adorable in English, but we will find a way to be cute in Hebrew too 🙂

Speaking of Stephane, more good news happened for him this week as well. He just passed both his car and motorcycle driver’s license tests in Israel, and he is now shopping for a brand new motorbike! We went to a few stores with his mom the other day and he found the exact model that he wants, however, he wants white and all of Israel seems to be out of stock of white bikes, so he will have to wait until next month to pick it up. That, however, did not stop him from buying all the toys, including a second helmet for me that he ordered specially from Haifa 🙂 I’m sure my parents and grandparents are just thrilled at the thought that my 25 year old boyfriend will be parading around Tel Aviv with me on the back of his motorcycle. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a change to drive it ;-).

Stephane's future baby!

Stephane’s future baby!

In other fun and exciting news, my boss is about to leave Israel to get married, and I was just informed that I would be taking over for her! This means another promotion, and another pay raise! It really just keeps getting better ever day! I have heard, on more than one occasion, that the first years of a new immigrants life in Israel are the hardest, and that if they can make it through them, they will be just fine. Well… I’m still waiting for the hard, because even the challenges here are wonderful experiences of growth and learning. I don’t want the evil eye upon me for boasting about how amazing life is, but I really am so incredibly blessed to be where I am, having the experiences that I’m having. I was listening to old Israeli folk songs the other day and I just started crying because I am so happy that I am here, living in this beautiful place, making such an exciting life for myself. Israel has given me so much, and continues to give me new things every day. It has turned me into an (almost) bilingual, it has given me two homelands to call my own, has given me the absolute love of my life,  has given me a family to call my own here while my own family is so far away from me, and, has made that family Sephardic (THANK YOU!!) :-), has given me work that I love, opportunities that are shaping me into the adult that I have always wanted to be, and every day there is a new surprise around every corner. Even bad days are good here, and I thank God every day for all of his blessings.

Well I think we are just about caught up for now! I have a fun week ahead filled with baby showers, sissy dates, and more, so stay tuned!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone


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