5/5/13: Reunions In The Holy Land! Happy Cinco De Mayo


The beautiful David Intercontinental Hotel

When you live 8,000 miles away from where you grew up, you usually don’t get a lot of visitors. For some reason that whole 16 hour, upwards of $2000, plane flight seems to deter a lot of people from coming to visit. However, living in Israel, and with the “Jewish world” being very, very small, every now and then there is someone you know that is venturing to this part of the world on some tour, or group trip, or mission. Last week I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting with two family friends who were on just such a trip, and I was literally able to catch them right as they were on their way out of the country… Quite literally… I saw them only mere hours before they were headed back to the airport to return home to California. Thank goodness my mom informed me of their travel plans in advance so that I could take a day off of work to ensure that I had time to visit with everyone. With a 45-50 hour work week it is difficult to organize my schedule sometimes, but luckily it worked out perfectly.

At around 4pm, on what turned out to be a fantastically gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I hopped on my bike and rode the 40 minutes to the beautiful David Intercontinental Hotel where the ladies’ group would be staying until their return trip to the airport. I arrived at the hotel a few minutes before the group, and to my surprise, I noticed that a girl working behind the desk looked extremely familiar. I did a double take and then realized that it was my good friend Sarah from Switzerland, who just happened to be interning at this very hotel! Unfortunately it was quite busy so I wasn’t really able to speak with her, but it was great to see her while I was waiting. After a few minutes the two ladies arrived to the hotel, and the mini reunion began!

It really is so amazing to see people from home in Israel. These two ladies have known me since I was 3 or 4 years old, and to be able to see them so far away from home, to get to tell them all about my new life, and new home, in my new country, was a really amazing and exciting thing. I should also mention that I was equally as excited to receive some beautiful goodies that my mom and grandmother sent with one of the ladies to give to me! After 20 minutes or so of catching up I had a big surprise for everyone. I know that through my blogs, and word of mouth of my family, most people from back home know about Stephane, so I thought it would be really special if he could come down and meet the ladies. I knew that they would probably love to meet him so I told him to ride his bike over after class so that he could see all of us.  The timing worked out so well that just as I was finishing all of my stories about him, he walked through the lobby door!

I was so tickled watching Stephane meet some of my people from home! It was his first true exposure to Palm Springs, and he did wonderfully well! During the visit Stephane was able to tell the ladies a bit about himself and his life here in Israel, we talked about some of our plans for when we return to the states this summer (Stephane’s big trip to meet my whole family!), and had a wonderful, albeit, quick visit. After about 30 minutes or so it was time for the ladies to get ready to pack for their return trip home so we had to say our goodbyes, but we really did have a wonderful time, and I was thrilled Stephane could be there with me to meet everyone! I hope the ladies will give him a good report the next time they speak to my parents or grandparents!

After we finished our drinks at the hotel bar where we met with the ladies, we decided it was too beautiful of a day to go straight home. We already rode our bikes this far, and we were right on the beach, so we decided to have a proper dinner date. There is a very nice cafe that we both love located a few minutes away from where we were, so we rode our bikes along the boardwalk, found a good place to park our “Ferraris” (as we like to call them), and then found a lovely table outside practically on the water!

My gorgeous salad!

My gorgeous salad!

Stephane's salad was not as fun as mine!

Stephane’s salad was not as fun as mine!

DESSERT! It was a real treat :-)

DESSERT! It was a real treat 🙂

He was sure happy about the Ice Cream!

He was sure happy about the Ice Cream!

two delicious things in this picture!

two delicious things in this picture!

It was a wonderful date with my favorite person in the whole world, and after the sun finally set, we took our Ferraris and headed back to my place. I had work the next morning at 8am, and Stephane had class at that same time, so when we arrived home, we got into our comfy clothes, readied ourselves for bed, watched a movie, and then had a good night sleep. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day off, and I’m so happy I could spend it with him.

This week will be very busy at work, but we are celebrating the holiday of Shavuot so stay tuned for some fun holiday posts!

Until we meet again <3,

Jordana Simone.


2 thoughts on “5/5/13: Reunions In The Holy Land! Happy Cinco De Mayo

  1. Jordana,
    What a nice story! We were as excited to see you as you were to see us! You are a special young lady and it was delightful to meet Stephane.
    Send me your e=address and I’ll send you the pics of us.
    Shabbat Shalom.

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